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DIY Snack Bags

Send your kids off to school this year with a confident A+ using these school paper snack bags. They are adorable and the perfect size for a handful of crackers to tide them over until lunch. Your child will know you are proud of them with a bright and bold encouragement written out for all […]


Tiny Toddler Backpacks

I don’t think there is anything that isn’t 10 times cuter on a toddler. Once it’s shrunken down into mini size, the cuteness factor basically explodes. A tiny toddler sized backpack is just as adorable as it sounds. Seeing a backpack that fits their little bodies just perfectly is a major “awwwww” moment. My kids love […]


DIY Wand

Ever wonder how to make a simple wand for your fairy princess? Or maybe you are having a party and magic wands would be the perfect favor. Either way, make a wooden wand in an afternoon and give your little one hours of pretend time. Don’t worry, it is really easy. The longest part of […]


The Best Fall Shoes for Mom

I guess there really is no jinxing it at this point – fall is almost here and she’s coming even if we don’t talk about her. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove fall and all the clothes, food and weather that comes with it, but I know what comes after fall, and the thought sends […]


Baby-Friendly Uses for Vinegar

Lately, I’m all about using vinegar in every way possible. I blame Pinterest. Why am I grooving on vinegar? It’s cheap, non-toxic, and really versatile. When I’m talking about vinegar, I mean plain old white vinegar, otherwise known as “distilled vinegar.” Vinegar is composed mostly of acetic acid and water. It’s one of the mildest acids, […]

Let the potty training begin

Two weeks before Mavrick’s second birthday, I decided I wanted to start potty training. I looked online, and decided to try the 3 day potting training technique in hopes that he will be amongst the success stories, and diaper-free in time to start his new daycare. I knew of a few mothers who attempted this technique. One […]


DIY Chalkboard City Blocks

Wooden building blocks are at the tippity top of my favorite children’s toys list. They are easy to find (or make!) and provide hours upon hours of creative play. I’ve been a bit obsessed with chalkboard paint as of late and wanted to experiment with some handmade blocks, and this little cityscape is the result. […]

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