Part 1: Getting Out of Debt with Dave Ramsey
Part 2: Having the Proper Insurance Coverage

I knew I had to get rid of debt quickly if I wanted to be officially debt-free by my 31st birthday. That meant re-organizing everything — the way I look at things, the way I spend my money and the way I budget — every single detail.  When you want to attack debt full-force, you have to be willing to make sacrifices for a determined period of time. Once you are debt-free, then you can start buying stuff again, paying cash obviously. That’s a good thing to work towards.

You can’t assume that you are paying the best price out there if you never really looked into it. Just because you’ve been with the same insurance company or cable company for a long time doesn’t mean you have the best deal. Shop around to get better prices, and negotiate with your current company so that they don’t lose you as a client. Is it annoying and time consuming? Yes. But it’s your money. Don’t throw it out the window! Thanks to the help of my husband and his negotiating skills, we are now saving over $175/month in our recurring monthly bills. Crazy but true!

After hours of talking on the phone, this is what we ended up saving for our recurring monthly bills:

Cell phone : savings of  $23 a month
Cable / Internet / House Phone : savings of  $50 a month
Insurance (home & personal) : savings of  $85 a month
Personal Bank (both our accounts); switched Bank : savings of $30 a month 

For a grand total of : $188 a month! And that’s without counting all the couponing I am doing.


The trick is, even if you are happy with your current supplier, look around because it’s proven you always get the best price when you are a new customer. Often your current company will match the lower price because they don’t want to lose you as a client. If you get lucky, they might even give you a price that’s 5-10% cheaper!

Are you the negotiating type? Have you been able to save by switching companies or negotiating with your current supplier?

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