One of my most frequently googled phrases during my pre-TTC and TTC days was “early pregnancy symptoms.”   It’s nearly impossible to not symptom spot, and we all just want to have a tiny peek inside to know if our body is making a baby or not.  With that in mind and acknowledging that no two people or two pregnancies are the same, I thought I would share my early, early pregnancy symptoms.

Intuition:  Not Pregnant

1 DPO – No symptoms

2 DPO – No symptoms

3 DPO – Bloated, tired, & headache

4 DPO – Diarrhea (TMI- sorry), headache, & heartburn

5 DPO – Bloated, cramps, & tired

6 DPO – Tired

7 DPO – no symptoms


8 DPO – no symptoms

9 DPO – Backache & tender breasts

10 DPO – Very tired (slept until 11:30 a.m.), back ache, headache, & tender breasts.  Negative pregnancy test.

11 DPO – Very tired again, backache, cramps, & headache.  Very light positive on FRER and positive digital test.

12 DPO – Very tired again, tender breasts & pretty crampy, particularly on my right side.

13 and 14 DPO – Same symptoms.  I was very aware of my abdomen.  The cramps felt a little bit like period cramps only not quite as painful, though I occasionally had sharper pains.

In the week that followed, I continued to be very tired (still am for that matter) and have some on and off cramping.  I was only queasy occasionally, and I never threw up during the first two weeks post-BFP.  Looking back, I think most of my symptoms prior to 9 DPO were just life symptoms and not related to my pregnancy.  I’m guessing I implanted at 7 or 8 DPO.  Then my symptoms really started manifesting, but I was just too convinced that I wasn’t pregnant to notice.  :)

One of my big questions pre-BFP was how to know if I was tired enough to check the “fatigue” box on my Fertility Friend app.  My pregnancy fatigue feels like when I had mono.  I’m tired in a body achey, can’t stay awake to save my life, might cry if I can’t take a nap soon kind of way.  Some days are better than others, and I am fairly unaffected by fatigue, but other days, it is a struggle to not fall asleep at my desk and I go to sleep for the night as soon as I eat dinner.  In hind sight, I was putting “fatigue” down in FF too often when I was just really tired from my busy life.  I would say to generally look for being notably more tired than usual.  For instance, I slept in really late two days in a row when I normally can’t sleep past 8:30.

For those of you who have already gotten a BFP, what were your early symptoms?