These blacked out masks have been popping up everywhere in the design and wedding worlds, and I can’t help but think how much kids would enjoy them. Here is a set of three (a bunny, fox and crocodile) to use for your next party or photo shoot. They are really easy to make, and will give any photo a bit of festive modern design.


To make the silhouette party masks:

1) Download the PDF. It includes all three masks and print of a mask for each child who will be attending.

2) Cut out the masks.

3) Trace the masks onto cardboard and cut out the shape. Glue the mask onto the cardboard. This will give the masks needed stability and allow them to hold up to baby and toddler play for the day!

4) Glue a kitchen skewer onto the back. If there is a pointy side in your skewer make sure to break it off for safety.

5) Line the kids up for adorable party pictures, and then let them play and imagine all afternoon.