Cool quotes on giant posters are everywhere. Why not make your own at half the cost of going to a printer? Find some fun wrapping paper or fabric and make your own nursery art. It’s super simple and addicting.


You will need:

white foam core board
wrapping paper
vinyl letters
spray paint
picture frame
straight edge
exacto knife

Find a big picture frame (mine is from here) and take out the back cardboard fill and glass. Use the cardboard as a guide and trace the size on your foam core board. Cut using a straight edge and exacto knife. Trim any rough edges.

Take your vinyl letters outside, and on a large piece of board spray paint them your color of choice. Vinyl letters come in black, white and a variety of basic shades, even gold, but I wanted a matte gold so I decided to paint my own. You could have an endless array of colors to choose from by painting these with craft paint. Let dry.

Center where you want your letters to be, and use a ruler or piece of paper to form a straight line. Add your letters, starting from the center out. Place in frame and hang. It’s so cheap and easy you can change it up as much as you like! I’ll even be making these for around the house too!

Did you know you can get vinyl letters in huge sizes? Wrap a large blank canvas and add the huge letters to make a bold statement. You could also use smaller letters and put this in a tabletop frame. These would make fun name piece!

What is your favorite quote for a kid’s room?