One of the best ways to ease those back to school jitters is to make the day feel as special as possible. My husband and I make a big breakfast that morning filled with the kids’ favorite breakfast foods. This year I also thought it would be fun to make ribbon medals for the kids. My plan is to place them on their breakfast plates and have them wear them in the token first day of school pictures.


To make a ribbon medal of your own, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:
ribbon (2 different colors and widths)
round wooden discs
black stamp pad
alphabet stamps
a metal pinback

You’ll also need:
a glue gun
needle and thread

To begin, glue one end of the ribbon to your wooden disc. Next you will slowly gather the ribbon around the disc, gluing as you go to secure it to the disc.

Repeat this same process with the second ribbon, securing it to the first ribbon and wooden disc as you gather.

When the second ribbon is gathered and glued to the wooden disc, add two tail pieces and secure them with the hot glue to the back of the wooden disc.

Sew your pinback to a small piece of felt. Then, glue the felt and pinback to a piece of cardstock.

Secure the cardstock to the back of the wooden disc, covering the ends of the glued tails.

When your medal is complete, stamp your wording of choice to the wooden disc. You could do anything from the grade your child will be in this year, to “#1 Student!” Whatever you decide to stamp, I’m sure it will make your child feel special and excited for their big day.