There are some pretty delicious floral crowns circulating on the blogosphere lately; some more complicated than others. I’ve been wanting to make a very simple one that kids can create on their own. The beauty about these easy crowns is that all it takes are some flowers from the garden.


Materials: flowers, clippers

Step 1: Cut down the flowers to 5-7 inches long. Take off extra greenery.

Step 2: Cross one flower over the other.

Step 3: Take the top flower and wrap it under the bottom and then up to the top again. Bring it down to lay with the first stem. The tighter you do this, the more secure the crown.

Step 4: Lay the next flower down close to the second and repeat the process.

Step 5: When you reach the right length for the shape of the head, weave in the ends of the stems into the first flowers.


That’s it! To create a fuller crown, weave in more flowers. For variation, try varying the flowers for different patterns.

photography by Amanda Thomsen and Brittany Watson Jepsen