I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and about with my children, and one of them falls and gets a little boo boo.   I like to think I am always prepared, but sometimes I find myself without a bandaid or antibacterial ointment.

So, I decided to make a mini-first aid kit to keep in my bag at all times to ensure that I’ll be ready to the next “ouchie.”  I love the simple red cross found on first aid kits, and decided to make a little mini-kit with a cross on the front.


You will need a few supplies:
1) tape
2) Items for the kit: bandaids, gauze, neosporin, alcohol pads
3) exacto knife
4) cotton muslin bags (found on Amazon. I used 3×4 inch)
5) red fabric paint (found at a craft store)
6) print out of a cross as a template.  (I used this font and printed it out for the template)
7) foam paint brush
8) freezer paper (found near the plastic wrap and foil section at the grocery store)

First you will need to take the template and place it on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper, and tape it in place.  Use the exacto knife to cut out the negative space.  Remove the template paper.

Place a small piece of paper inside the bag, and place the freezer paper stencil on the cotton muslin bag.  On a medium heat iron.  Iron the shiny side down onto the cotton bag.  This will secure the stencil on the bag.  Take a small portion of red fabric paint and paint in the red just a few coats.

Fill in the stencil with paint, and allow to dry for about 30 minutes.  Carefully pull back the freezer paper stencil after it has dried, and gather your items to put into your first aid kit.

Throw in into your bag, and you will not only have a well designed mini-first aid kit on-the-go, but you’ll also be prepared the next time there is a little “boo boo.”

by Caroline of Armelle Blog