I don’t generally post up anything circulating around the web – blogs about parenting, the latest things to avoid, the current politics on breastfeeding or whatnot. This doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions – I do, and on some things, very strong ones. But I try to stay away from posting too much rhetoric on things that will inevitably change with time, or that we will probably not care to remember. Recently, though, I came across an article that really hit home, and more than anything, I want to remember this so Emmett will hopefully one day grow up with memories of his parents interacting and teaching him, and not buried in our technologies.

I’m definitely not ready to let go of my precious iPhone 4s, but to some extent, do desire freedom from being constantly connected and to be distraction-free. I find myself checking Facebook, email, Instagram, and websites I follow repeatedly during Emmett’s playtimes, often leaving him to himself when I get lost in the haze of social networking. And in an age where we sometimes never learn the name of our neighbors but know the daily haps of friends thousands of miles away, “keeping up with the Joneses” takes a whole other dimension of pressure.

Hands Free Mama is a blog written by a lady who wants “the noise of her life to be a mixture of laughter and gratitude, not the intrusive buzz of cell phones and text messages.”

I haven’t read all the articles on the Hands Free Mama blog, but she wrote a post on “How to Miss a Childhood” that inspired me. So, here’s my new commitment – to leave my phone in the bedroom. To seek quality of life with 3-D people and events and not through a screen. To be fully engaged when I’m with my son and husband while not sneaking peeks at my News Feed. Because grabbing my phone and doing this-and-that has really become a force of habit and something I do almost compulsively.

Haha. I’m probably going to update the blog in a couple months talking about how I failed miserably, but who knows? We’ll never know if I don’try.

Would you give hands free a try?