Two weeks before Mavrick’s second birthday, I decided I wanted to start potty training. I looked online, and decided to try the 3 day potting training technique in hopes that he will be amongst the success stories, and diaper-free in time to start his new daycare. I knew of a few mothers who attempted this technique. One fully successful, another who will have to attempt it once again, and one whose daughter was fully day trained but not night trained.

My goal was to have Mavrick potty trained before his 2nd birthday. Why? Well, first of all buying disposable diapers for two kids definitely doesn’t help the bank, and we all know I’m in my budget mode. Plus I was told boys have a window for potty training and just recently he started showing signs of readiness, so we decided to do it. We’d been prepping for potty training about 2 weeks beforehand. We started to reduce the amounts of liquids Mavrick drank before bed, started verbalizing that poopy diapers were yucky, introduced him to the potty (even if he had no interest whatsoever), explained to him what mommy was doing on the toilette and telling him that diapers were for babies and that he was a big boy now.

I went ahead and purchased gold star stickers, snacks that Mavrick adores that we will use as rewards and 4 bigger rewards for milestone events (for example when he starts verbalizing pee-pee & poo, when he actually pees and poops in the potty for the first time etc.). We purchased about 20 pairs of toddler underwear, 8 of which are ones that really make him want to wear them because they have Buzz Light Year & Woody and some with Flash McQueen.


We even purchased a plastic mattress cover since the method suggests no diapers, no pull-ups,and  just underwear from day 1. I figured mishaps were bound to happen, and I needed to protect my mattress. Also, I’d rather wash the sheets than use pull-ups. I was afraid that if I started using pull-ups, he would simply consider them a diaper.

When I told people I was starting to potty train my son who wasn’t 2 years old yet, they all looked at me like I was nuts; that it was impossible and that boys aren’t potty trained before the 2.5-3 year mark. Even Mr. Sunglasses had a hard time being on board, but we went all out. Was it a success? I won’t spill the beans just yet.

How do you think it went? Were you successful in potty training your toddler the first time around?