Send your kids off to school this year with a confident A+ using these school paper snack bags. They are adorable and the perfect size for a handful of crackers to tide them over until lunch. Your child will know you are proud of them with a bright and bold encouragement written out for all to see.


To make the school paper snack bags:

1) Cut a piece of college ruled paper in half, and then fold each half in half again.

2) Glue the bottom together and the side 3/4 of the way up toward the top.

3) Cut in the top 1/4 of the front facing piece to make the snack fill area.

4) Cut the back piece into a semi-circle or other shape of your liking.

5) Using a red school pen, write in encouragement for the kids, stuff with a snack and fold the top over to close. You can secure with a simple piece of tape for snacks that will get tossed around.