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Ear Infections and Antibiotics

Olive had some really bad congestion last week and was waking up all night, but I just gave her some extra nighttime snuggles and chalked it up to a cold. Other than a little fussiness, she was still eating well and pretty happy overall. Her congestion started going away after a couple of days, but […]


Sleep Training Noelle: Part II

Sleep Training Noelle: Part I In Part I, I mentioned that we mostly slept with Noelle on our chests, and was in basic survival mode by just doing whatever we could to get some sleep.  I was breastfeeding, so my husband couldn’t help with feedings in the middle of the night (plus he went back […]

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WOHM – Mrs. Checkers

Describe a typical day in your life. 6:35 AM – I wake up and begin getting ready for work. 7:00 – 7:20 AM – I used to go get Baby Checkers from her crib, change her diaper, and get her dressed for the day until I quickly learned she will not go to anyone else […]

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2 Month / 33 Month Update

Let me just start by saying that when you have a baby, time flies by seriously quickly. After having a second, I feel like time is exponentially faster. Here is my very quick, very late update. Lil Miss Wagon 2 month stats: Weight: 16.16 lbs (99.8%) Length: 24.5 in (99.4%) Head Circumference: 16.4 in (99.8%)


Ode to Date Night

Last Friday night, I put the kiddo to bed like normal. After confirming the sweet sound of silence outside his door, I did my customary internal happy jig, trotted downstairs with the monitor … … and handed it to a real, live, honest-to-goodness babysitter. After the standard disclaimers about what to do if Little Y […]


Backpacks for Mom

I chase around two little kids at least 12 hours on most days, and having two free hands for all of those hours is crazy important. I carry a diaper bag (though my kids are both officially out of diapers now!), a small shoulder bag most days or a wristlet for quick errand runs – […]

Paleo Baby!

I’ve been reading up on the Paleo diet in an effort to get Charlie to eat better, so I asked Kristin (who blogged her home water birth story yesterday) to write this guest post. You can read more about her adventures as a paleo family on her blog Paleo Plus One! ~~~ Sardines. Spinach. Salmon […]

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