Are you looking for something a little more whimsical for your next shower or birthday party? Why not try my redo of those old vintage clown toppers? They are just a bit kitschy without going over the top. Use modern patterned card stock to create a more current classic.


You will need:

wood doll heads (wood beads with only one hole)
large bamboo skewers
kitchen shears
wood glue
card stock
hot glue gun
hat template

Using your kitchen shears, cut skewers into three inch long pieces. Using the pointy ends only, dab a dot of glue on the cut end of the skewer and insert into the hole on the bottom of the wood bead. Hold for a few seconds and let dry.  Repeat with as many toppers as you need.

Once dry, use the kitchen shears to cut a toothpick in half. Pour out a small amount of paint onto a plate. Use the cut end of the toothpick to dot on the eyes. Practice on the plate. Using the other toothpick to draw circles for the cheeks with pink. Tape down to a paper towel to let dry. This will keep them from rolling around.

Cut out some strips about 3/4″ wide and fold accordion style. Make paper fans/rosettes and hot glue down to the underside of the clown head.  Use the template above and cut out circles of card stock and then cut into thirds following the lines on the template. Fold into a cone shape and secure with hot glue.  Add two small dots inside the hat, front and back, and press down on the clown head. Repeat with remaining heads.

Pop these little cuties in a cupcake and have yourself a jolly little time.

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