I love cute note cards and stationery.  I probably have a whole drawer full.  But since that whole drawer full is not yet unpacked and I needed a few thank you notes, it was either a trip to Target or get crafty.  My girl loves getting crafty just as much as I do, so we made some together.  We decorated blank note cards with pencil eraser stamps, and paired them with bright colored envelopes.  So much better than store-bought!


Here’s what you will need to make your own set of stamped notecards:

-folded note cards
-colored envelopes
-stamp pads in a few different colors
-unused #2 pencils
-alphabet stamps


1.  Set out each stamp pad with an unused #2 pencil.  The eraser should be brand new, so that there is a flat stamping surface.  Each color should have its own pencil.
2.  Show your child how to stamp the pencil eraser on the stamp pad, then on the paper.  They can make any design they wish on the note cards.
3.  Use alphabet stamps to add words to the note cards.  (Younger children will need a little help with this part)

Have fun!  There is no way to mess these up, since no matter which way you go with your designs, it will look great.  If you want to keep the dots contained to one area of the card, it is helpful to cover the areas you want left blank with a sheet of paper.

Some ideas of what to write on your notecards:

-happy birthday
-miss you
-thank you
-best wishes
-good luck

Wrap a piece of twine around the note cards and envelopes and they make a perfectly colorful little set.  These are great to have on hand the next time you need to send a birthday or thank you card, and they also make great handmade gifts for your child to give.