I recently threw a first birthday party for my little guy, and I was having a hard time coming up with a fun original idea to help spruce up the table! While playing around with crepe paper fringe, I came up with the idea to make chandeliers out of fringe.  They were fairly easy to make, and were just the right addition to my party spread!


You’ll need to gather a few supplies:

Crepe tissue paper in the color of your choice
Fishing wire
Wooden embroidery hoops
Clear tape

Step 1) Cut the folded crepe tissue paper into 2 inch strips.
Step 2) Take the scissors and start cutting fringe.  Be sure to only cut 3/4 of an inch up leaving space in the middle, and cut about 1/4 in apart. Be careful when cutting the folded ends to not cut through.
Step 3) Turn the tissue to the other side, and continue to cut fringe across the other side. Be sure not to cut all the way through to the other side; there should be about a 1/2 inch space in between the fringe cuts so the tissue stays i tact with fringe cut through it.
Step 4) Open up the folded tissue. Repeat the process until you have several stripes with various colors.

Step 5) Take the inside hoop of the embroidery hoop (the one without the metal closure). Tape the end of the fringe onto the wooden loop.
Step 6) Tape the paper fringe on the edge of the hoop, and fold the tape over.
Step 7) Carefully wind up the paper fringe, and measure out how long you want your chandelier to hang.
Step 8) Tape the fringe onto the opposite side across from where you hung the other end of the fringe, cutting off any excess fringe.

Step 9) Continue on with the other fringe, building around the hoop, alternating colors if you choose.
Step 10) Take the fishing wire, and measure out three pieces about the length that you want to hang it from the ceiling.  Tie the three pieces of fishing wire in a double knot onto the hoop in three places spread equally apart.
Step 11) Once tied onto the hoop, bring the three pieces of fishing wire together above the chandelier, pinch them together, and tie the three pieces together into a knot two times.
Step 12) Feed the outer embroidery hoop with the metal clasp through the fishing wire and secure and tighten over the outside of the embroidery hoop with the fringe attached.

Hang your new fringe chandeliers up by pushing the pin of a pushpin through the knot of the fishing wire, then push into the ceiling.

Now you have some fun, unique fringe to dress up your table at your next party!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog

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