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Happy Halloween!

We’re going to check out a little early today to take Charlie and Olive trick or treating! Unfortunately our themed family costumes were supposed to arrive on Monday but didn’t due to Hurricane Sandy. We have backup costumes for the kids for the kids, and though there will probably be less trick or treaters, I’m […]

Day by Day, Moment to Moment: Coping with PPD

I am fortunate to have known very early on I was exhibiting many symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD).  I had several health professionals express concern for me – my pediatrician, one of my nurses whom I met with for a follow-up appointment for my gestational diabetes, a friend of mine who is a labor & […]


Olive’s 1 Year Update

Happy Halloween! Olive was originally scheduled to be born via c-section one year ago today, but she had other plans and arrived early on October 5th instead. Being her mom this past year has been so amazing and incredibly fulfilling. I share such a special bond with Olive, perhaps because of breastfeeding, perhaps because she’s my youngest, […]


Baby Fall Style

I’ve been having so much fun dressing up my little ones this fall! It’s finally cool enough to play with layers and experiment with all sorts of looks, so I decided to share how I put my little outfits together. For me, it’s all about layering, mix-matching and having fun! I don’t worry if it […]

Me Noelle SD

The Trenches of Toddler-Dom

We’ve had our hands full lately, and I’m not talking about all the fun Autumn festivities!  As Toddler Heels hits 22-months, she’s been as feisty and opinionated as ever.  One second she is a complete angel, making silly faces and giving me sweet kisses.  The next, she is on the floor crying her head off […]


Furnishing a Nursery on a Budget

When we first found out we were expecting Baby Blue, I immediately began thinking and researching nursery style and furniture.  This was going to be the ultimate combination of my love of decor and projects and my overwhelming excitement about having a baby!  I could just picture my little one snuggled into an adorable crib […]


Push Presents On a Budget

I want a push present, but not because I’m looking for a monetary reward for my hard work. I’m sure labor is going to be crazy difficult and probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and clearly, the baby is the reward for all that effort. I want a push present to commemorate the […]

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