Ahhh, fall. The crisp, cool air; the beautiful foliage; chili on the stove; football; and fall clothes. Yes, fall clothes!!! I've always loved fall and I've always loved fall clothes. And there's no exception when it comes to my little guy's wardrobe!

After being in a rut of trying to mix-up tees and shorts for Lil' CB without having him look exactly the same everyday (I'm a little shallow, I'll admit it...;) ), I'm grateful for a change! I love how the cooler temperature lends itself to layering, but not so much that you're all bundled up and freezing and in your jacket all stinking day long (I'm looking at you, winter). And let's face it, little boys in little cardigans and little button-downs? Doesn't get much cuter than that!

It seems that Lil' CB has grown overnight and suddenly, hardly any of his shirts from last spring still fit. So, I recently went out and bought some cooler weather basics for Lil' CB (and some fun not-so-basics, too!), but before I share them, here's a look back at some of my favorite Lil' CB's ensembles from last fall and early spring:

denim shirt: Baby Gap; 
striped sweater: Crew Cuts; cords: Baby Gap

purple checked oxford: Did Too (Nordstrom's); black skinny jeans: Baby Gap; suspenders: American Apparel; sneakers: Vans

hat: Reebok; button down: Cherokee (Target); sweatshirt blazer: H&M

hat: Old Navy; sweater: Baby Gap; colored chinos: Baby Gap; shoes: Tiny Toms

I like to think of Lil' CB's style as part hipster/part prepster. The new pieces I recently purchased for him fall into those categories, too. Like Mrs. Superhero, I have some "rules" for Lil' CB's wardrobe, too. In fact, many of the rules I have are similar to Mrs. Superhero's but with a little boy twist. When it comes down to it, I like to put Lil' CB in clothes that are miniature versions of what I'd like to see on Mr. Cowboy; basically men's clothes, but smaller! I stay away from cutesy and from anything that has words or characters on them unless they are vintage-looking (Lil' CB has a good-sized collection of vintage-y superhero shirts!). It may sound ridiculous, but I figure that while I still have full control over what Lil' CB wears, I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth (especially since Mr. Cowboy won't let me fully control his wardrobe...)!

I should also note that Lil' CB happens to be the only grandchild on my side of the family... and my side of the family is also filled with many doting fashionista aunts, grandmas and great-aunts, so many (if not most) of Lil' CB's clothes were gifted to him. In fact, my mom now gets some of her rewards from her credit card in Gap gift cards specifically so she can buy more clothes for Lil' CB. I know! We are crazy grateful for this and I have lots of fun styling the different pieces Lil' CB receives!

And a few more things to note... Lil' CB is quite skinny for his age. So, even though he is 3, 18-24 months pants fit him best at the waist, but not lengthwise. Because of that, I roll up his shorter pants so they are purposely cropped. When I buy new pants for him, I buy them at the size that he can fit into with the adjustable waist (currently a 2T) and roll them up as well. I usually buy skinny or slim fit pants for him because they look best and when they are a little big, they look like a regular fit pant and slowly become skinny as Lil' CB grows.

Here are some outfits and pieces Lil' CB will be sporting this fall:

checkered button-down with button sleeves: Baby Gap; sweater vest: Baby Gap; skinny jeans: Baby Gap; shoes: Tiny Toms

p.s. I call this look "Mini Mr. Schuster"

striped sweatshirt: Baby Gap; colored chinos: Baby Gap; shoes: Tiny Toms Botas

hat: Children's Place; shirt: Baby Gap; chinos: Gymboree; shoes: Vans

striped henley: H&M; colored jeans: H&M; shoes: Tiny Toms Botas

Okay, I'll admit it, 3 of the 4 pictures above were taken on the same afternoon for the purpose of this post (I may or may not have bribed Lil' CB with some almonds...), so I can't wait to have him out and about in these clothes for real!

How will you dress your LO this fall?

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