Hello Fall!! For most of us, Fall is in full swing and it’s just as warm, cozy and pumpkin spiced as we anticipated – am I right? We packed away our air conditioner, pulled out the crock-pot, stocked up on apples, pumpkins, and cozy socks, and are ready for the layers of fun Fall will bring.

We are a hat family – winter, spring, summer or fall the whole family is usually keeping shady or warm in a hat. My kids both adore sporting hats, and once the air gets a little crisp, hats are just that much more fun! My son has a pretty huge selection of headgear that I am always adding to – it’s also just my luck that many of them stretch enough to fit my noggin. I love hats on boys, and it’s a good thing too because as far as head accessories go, hats are really all the boys get.

So, here are a few perfect, cozy and cute hats for your little guy (or girl) to wear on a chilly fall day or even a cold _____(let’s not mention that season’s name quite yet) day. I had a hard time narrowing them down; there were just so many great ones.


1. Janie and Jack ($22 USD)  |  2. Zara ($17.90 CAD)  |  3. Old Navy ($12.94)  |  4. The Gap ($18.40 USD)  |  5. Zara ($15.90 CAD)  |  6. H&M ($14.95 USD)  |  7. Zara ($15.90 CAD)  |  8. The Gap ($18.95 USD)  |  9. The Gap ($16.95 USD)  |  10. Target ($7.99)  | 11. Fore! Axel & Hudson ($43.00 USD)  | 12. Janie & Jack ($13.99 USD onsale)

One of our most favorite Fall outfits is a hat and a warm sweater or sweatshirt. There are so many days that are sorta cool but not quite cool enough for a full on fall coat. Also, touque’s (yes, I am Canadian) can be worn pretty much year after year, so they’re always an easy buy when you know they won’t grow out of them for a long time.

Does your little one like to wear hats?

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