I am so excited to be saying goodbye to the first trimester and welcoming in the golden trimester!  Rather than doing weekly or bi-weekly updates the first trimester, I decided to save it all for one big post.  The last three months have been such a whirlwind of change at the Blue House.  I’m so excited that you’ve been along for the entire journey from pre-conception to now!

13-week baby bump.

How far along?:  13 weeks and change

Total weight gain/loss: Down 1 pound right now.  I’ve been a bit concerned about not gaining any weight since a lot of twin things I’ve read recommend gaining 20 lbs. by 20 weeks; my doctor, however, seems to think everything is okay, so I’m not going to worry too much about it for now.

The Baby Bump: It’s starting to make an appearance that looks more baby bumpish and not just like I ate too many donuts!

Maternity Clothes:  I’m mostly wearing maternity bottoms, other than a few looser fitting items, workout pants, etc.  As for tops, I’d say I’m wearing about half maternity/half regular clothes that are looser cuts.  I started wearing maternity bottoms somewhere around 8-9 weeks because with first trimester bloating it was just so much more comfy!  Seriously, who knew how comfortable maternity leggings and pants are?! I have no idea why women putting off making the switch for so long.

Gender:  We still don’t know whether we will be having two girls or two boys, but we can’t wait to find out.  We’re hoping to learn in the next month or so since we have ultrasounds every two weeks.  Then, it will be  a real test to try to resist shopping for our littles!

What I’m looking forward to:  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about feeling the babies move.  I am so excited to experience this!  I keep laying very still and hoping to feel some twinges even though I know it’s probably way too early.  I’ve heard with multiples you sometimes feel movement early, so I’m crossing my fingers that I feel something in the next few weeks.  Also, as previously stated, we are super ready to find out the gender.

Worst Moments:  The constant morning sickness was the pits, but the hardest parts have been when I was really worried about whether the babies were okay or when I felt like a failure as a mom for having to adjust and work through the idea of having twins.

Best Moments:  Mr. Blue has been such an amazing support through this first trimester.  He has picked up all my slack and pretty much treated me like a queen.  During our first trimester, we celebrated our first anniversary.  Seeing how incredible Mr. Blue is during this pregnancy reminds me all over again why I chose to marry him.  I knew he would still make me laugh in 50 years.  I knew he would be the best dad ever.  I knew I could always trust him to be a good man.  He has really shined and proven over and over again that the smartest thing I ever did was choose to marry him.  So, overall, my best moments have involved seeing him become a dad.  I love watching him watch our ultrasounds, seeing him kiss my tummy, and hearing him talk about our babies and the future.  It’s such a gift to have a husband like that!

Ellen Kimbrough Photography

Missing anything:  I’m not a huge drinker, but I’ve been jonesing for a margarita.  Yum.  Also, sushi has been majorly on the mind, and I’m going to go to town on some as soon as the babies are born!

Symptoms:  I’m certainly not symptom-less, but I’m just feeling so much better that it’s hard to decide what to call a “symptom.”  I’m still feeling pretty tired, but my energy has definitely increased.  Other than the occasional morning sickness, I’m just rocking along. 

Sleep:  I’m starting to have a harder time sleeping.  I’ve been waking up to go to the restroom a couple times a night throughout the whole first trimester, but the last week or two my back has been hurting by the wee hours of the morning.  I’m going to have to work on adding pillow or something to help with this.  Also, if I sleep on my back, my right arm falls asleep, so I’ve been trying to get used to sleeping on my side.

Movement:  Nada yet.  :(

Names:  We talk about names a lot, but it’s definitely difficult to find two sets of names we both like that aren’t too matchy but still sound nice together.  I think we have finally agreed on names if they are girls.  We have less than zero ideas if they are boys, though.

Nursery progress: The last 3 weeks I’ve been starting to think about our nursery more and gather some inspiration photos, so I’ll be ready to get started.  I think I want to focus on a palette more than a theme, but I don’t have anything definite worked out.  I know that I want to have our nursery ready early because I would hate to miss out on doing it if I have to go on bed rest or if the babies come early.  As soon as we find out gender, I want to be able to dive in.

Milestones:  We’ve seen the babies twice and will see them again on Friday.  We got to hear both heartbeats.  We are finally leaving the first trimester, and I’m so relieved to be entering a time of lower miscarriage risk!  Yay, babies!

Goals for the next few weeks:  (1)  Get back to the gym – I have felt so yucky this first trimester that I’ve done pretty much nothing, and I know I really need to get back to at least walking and swimming.  (2) Narrow down my focus on nursery ideas.

What was your best and worst part of your first trimester?   What should I look forward to in the second trimester?