Ok, so maybe I can’t technically make you fall in love with leopard print – but maybe I can convince you that it is not as crazy loud as you might think. I have not always been a fan of animal print; in the past no matter how I tried to swing leopard, it just screamed tack-a-mondo to me – that was until I thought of it differently. Now I see it as sort of the perfect pattern pop/brown neutral. It sounds contradictory, but I swear it’s a thing.  Other animal prints come and go but I think this is like the 4th season that leopard print is still everywhere. zthis fall it’s reached a point where it’s pretty much a basic.

Here are a few perfect items/ways to add just the right touch of leopard to your closet,  all to be worn separate (and I will explain how) not together – unless you are planning on being a leopard for Halloween.


PANTS:  I know they look way too crazy and totally not your style, right? But if you have made your way into the pattern pants trend or even the colored denim trend, this is not stretching it that much further. The trick is to think of them as just being a khaki color but with a print – pair them with a basic top: plain tee, boyfriend button down, chambray shirt, or a pretty flowy solid blouse and a basic pair of solid flats (in a fun color even), heels or black booties. And voila, you are rocking leopard pant and looking amazing. Leopard Skinny Jeans $28.35

SCARF: Are you a scarf lover? Why not just add the pattern in your scarf? As long as your shirt is on the more basic or solid side, this scarf will look great paired with just about anything. Leopard Scarf $19.55

BAG: A small shoulder bag might be the perfect little addition, especially for the leopard timid.  It’s a great addition when you are already dressed super basic (jeans and a tee shirt). The bag will push the outfit into the trend zone. As long as the rest of your outfit isn’t full of other prints, this bag will add the perfect pattern hit to pretty much any outfit. Leopard Crossbody Bag $79.95

BELT: A leopard belt might be one of the best and smartest leopard choices; it goes with literally everything! Pair with jeans and a basic top, over a dress (solid or maybe go crazy with a floral or polka dot print), or over a blazer. Really, if you think of the leopard as another basic and replace your brown belt, it makes adding it into your everyday wardrobe easy-peasy. Leopard Belt $10.50

SHOES: Wear them with EVERYTHING. The only time I might shy away from leopard shoes is if I was wearing those leopard pants (hello, cat lady!); otherwise: jeans, dresses (patterned or solid), patterned pants (depending on how bold you want to get with your outfit), the possibilities are endless. Leopard Flat $34.95

WATCH: Still not convinced at all? Why not try a simple watch. It’s pretty and pretty darn chic – like a bracelet with a pattern punch that’s also sorta basic. Leopard Watch $44.99

The big picture of all this leopard is pretty scary, but if you break each piece down and think of the pattern as a basic/pattern pop one, maybe two items will fit perfectly in your existing fall wardrobe. And they will probably make your older clothes look trendy and new again.

 What do you think? Are you a leopard fan or totally not into it at all?

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