I recently realized that I never shared our various methods for telling our family and the world that we had a bambino on the way.  I was We were definitely in the blabbermouth camp, so it took us about two seconds to start telling our families.

Mr. Blue’s Family

Mr. B’s parents and sisters had actually just left our house that morning the day we got our BFP.  Our weekend had been filled with birthday celebrations for Mr. B’s mom.  After I broke the news to Mr. B that night, we started talking about when we would have opportunities to tell our parents and siblings.  We were going to see my whole family the next weekend, but we wouldn’t see Mr. B’s family for at least several more weeks.  Even though we knew we could miscarry, we really wanted our family to know.

We decided to call Mr. B’s family that night.  We texted one of Mr. B’s sisters and told her we were about to call his mom and could she video the conversation so we could see his mom’s reaction.  (I would post it, but she was in her PJs and ready for bed, and she would die if I put it up for the internets to see.)  We then called and told his mom that we realized we had forgotten to give her a really small present for her birthday.  She put us on speaker phone so Mr. B’s dad and sisters could hear.  We explained that the gift was very small, but that we expected that it would be delivered around April 6.

They got it right away, and they were all sooo excited.  They’ve been pretty ready for their first grandbaby since we got married, so this was perfect news.  After lots of yells, laughter, and a few tears, we answered all their questions and told them that we were keeping this quiet for now, so not to tell anyone our news.  They have been so thrilled the whole time, and we have never regretted telling them right away.  During those first few weeks, our basic determination of who to tell revolved around, “If we had a miscarriage, would we want these people to know?”  Our immediate families were definitely on the list of people whom we wanted to be with us no matter where this journey took us.


My Family

With my own family, I had about a week to prepare, so I was able to be a bit more creative.  We wanted to tell my parents and both of my brothers’ families separately.  We decided that my nieces would think it was fun to open something, so I set about making little onesies to tell each branch of the family.

For my parents, I came up with the idea of doing a spin off a much loathed and loved phrase my dad has always used.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew up on a ranch, and anytime we were going to work cattle, my dad would always wake us up by yelling, “Boots and saddles!” into our room to convey it was time to get up, get dressed, saddle our horse, and be ready to work.  No three words did I hate more, but as is often the case with memories from childhood, I now look back somewhat fondly on that hated phrase and all that it implied.

My parents came by our hotel room, and after chatting a bit, we told them we had a little gift for them.  As soon as they pulled out the onsie, they started laughing and crying and giving us lots of hugs!

Grandpa and Grandma Blue were psyched to start their “daycare.”

My parents had so much fun, they decided to tag along while we told my brothers and their families.  My middle brother, who I’m super close to, has a super adorable one year old.  Before she was born, everyone called her TumTum.  They’re expecting again and due about two months before us with a baby whom we all call “Cheez-it.”  My Soulmate Friend had already nicknamed our baby a play off of “Tater Tot” since our last name begins with a T.  For their onesie, we incorporated what we hope is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

As soon as they pulled the onsie out of the bag, they kind of giggled, looked at us, and a bit hesitantly said, “Really?  Does this mean what we think it means?”  Everyone was extra excited since SIL and I are due so closely and our babies will be 2 months or less apart.  It was extra special to be able to tell them in person because a week later they were moving back overseas.  My brother has spent a lot of my adult life far, far away, and I really treasure those in-person moments!  I’m so thankful they were still in the States when we found out we were pregnant.  A similar story played out when we told my oldest brother and his family.  His daughters are 9 & 10, and they think Auntie Blue having a baby is the best thing ever since their uncle was about to move far away with their only little cousin.  They now believe that they will be coming to see us every weekend to help with the babies!

The World; aka, Telling Facebook

Pretty much all of our families (including our grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins) and our closest friends had been told in person or via personal phone calls, text messages, etc.  When we found out we were having twins at 8 weeks and my work had been told, we decided we were okay with putting it on Facebook soon.  We knew it was early, but we felt more confident having had an ultrasound, heard the heartbeats, and seeing that everything looked okay so far.  About 9 weeks, I posted this photo and caption:

Double the sweetness, double the grins, double the trouble: the “Blues” are having twins! 

We got a huge response from all of our friends, and it was actually just what we needed.  We were still pretty overwhelmed about the news of twins and having so much love, support, and excitement pour out of everyone helped feed our own excitement.

Even though we initially didn’t intend to tell anyone, other than our immediate families, until after the first trimester, we don’t have any regrets.  Our pregnancy still has a lot of worries, but we constantly receive messages, calls, and texts from people who are so excited for us.  It helps us remember that even in the worries, we are being given an incredible gift!

How did you tell your family?  Did you post your baby news on FB?