I'm sure many of you have read the recent Huffington Post article about moms staying in the picture. If you haven't read it yet, click on over and check it out. But grab a tissue; it might make you teary eyed as you think about how quickly your baby will grow up!

Until I read this article, it didn't fully register with me how much I have shied away from the camera since having Baby H. And it's always with the same excuse: my hair looks bad, I have dark circles under my eyes, I just flat out don't like how I look.

For me, this isn't necessarily a symptom of being a busy working mom who feels like she never looks her best. I've never felt particularly photogenic and am never the first one to pose in front of the camera. Which is ironic, of course, as Mr. H makes his living taking pictures. I have the perfect opportunity to be Mr. H's test model for a million pictures whenever I want, and yet I always hide from the camera.

I thought after having Baby H this would all change. I wouldn't care how I looked in photos because I'd be so happy to be with my sweet baby girl in the picture! As it turns out, I just make sure we get plenty of pictures of Baby H. But just of Baby H by herself.

This definitely needs to change. Now. I want to be more in the moment with her and have the photographic evidence that I was with her and snuggling with her every step of the way. Taking pictures of her is great, but taking pictures with her is a million times better.

So, I've decided to challenge myself and maybe it's a challenge you can take on as well! I'm committing to taking a photo a day for 30 days of Baby H and me together. And there will be no primping for the camera, no taking a million shots until I get one I like. It will just be her and me together. Simple pictures taken with my cell phone.

Not only am I excited to see the end result - 30 daily photos of her and me together - but my hope is that this will get me into the habit of taking pictures of us together, anytime and anywhere. And maybe I'll do more than 30 straight days. Maybe 60 or 90 or a full year! But we'll just start with 30 and see where it goes.

Here's my photo from Day #1. I can't wait to share 29 more photos with you!

Are you good at getting in the picture with your LO? If not, have you thought about making changes capture more moments of you together?

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