We found out the gender this past Tuesday, at the 20 week mark.  We are having a BOY, and couldn't be more thrilled!! The ultrasound tech found him with his hand on his crotch and his wee-wee flashing for all to see.  It was hard to miss, and we laughed ourselves to tears.  Her exact words: "there is NO doubt that he's a boy, unless he's a very uniquely made girl!"

However, that leaves us with a dilemma.  You see, we've accumulated a boatload of girly PINK clothing in the last two years... so the first thing I did was pull out all the old clothing Toddler Heels grew out of.  Then, I proceeded to sort through them, hoping we'd find something wearable for our son.  After digging through mountains of clothes, I found only a handful that could possibly pass for boy's clothing - most of them consisting of white onesies.  I feel okay about putting our son in girl's clothing, but Mr. Heels is firmly against it!

(Left: not even all the clothes from T.Heels' first two years of life, Right: the pathetic-looking pile of clothes that could possibly pass for boy clothes!)

As a second-time mom, I did not expect to "nest" again this time around.  I went all out with Toddler Heels' nursery by painting her walls, making sure her dresser and crib were matchy matchy, finding the right trim, getting that perfect rug, and searching high and low for bedsheets to match.  I wanted things to be perfect.  Our situation this time around is a bit different.  First of all, Baby Boy Heels won't even have a room of his own when he first enters the world.  Since my in-laws are still living with us, we have zero rooms to spare, and having the new baby share a room with Toddler Heels is out of the question for now.  So Baby Boy Heels won't be getting his very own, newly furnished nursery like his big sister did.  Nor will he be welcomed into the world with brand new everything.  This seasoned mom has learned that new babies do juuuust fine with VERY little, and I will not be getting things "just in case" like I did with my first (though I desperately want a Rock 'n Play!).

So my nesting this time around is already looking quite different than the first.  Instead of painting nursery walls, we'll be rearranging furniture in our master bedroom to accommodate the new baby.  Instead of taking tags off brand new baby clothes, we're determined to hunt around at yard sales for some cheap, used ones.  In fact, we're pretty determined to buy as little as possible for this next one.  If that means he'll be sporting his older sister's pink bibs and Hello Kitty baby blankets, then so be it.  There are so many things I would do differently already, but it doesn't make the "nesting" any less fun!  Can't you tell I'm excited?  I can't believe I'm already "nesting" and I'm only at the 20-week mark!

When did you start nesting?  How did you adjust your living situation when baby #2 entered the world?