My children and I decided to decorate a little bit for Halloween, and we made some fun spider web art by using salad spinners!  It is such a fun and easy art project that the little ones can really get involved in and help.

You’ll need to gather a few supplies:

1) Salad Spinner
2) Washable white paint
3) Scissors
4) Fake Spiders (you can use the spider rings and just cut off the ring part)
5) Pencil
6) Craft Glue (or a glue gun will work if you assist your children)
7) Black or Grey Paper (card stock or construction paper works best since it is thicker)

1) Take the inside piece of the salad spinner, and place it on the paper.
2) Trace a circle around the inside piece of the salad spinner with the pencil.
3) Cut out the circle with the scissors.
4) Place the circle in the salad spinner.

5) Use the white paint to drop several drops of paint on the black paper.
6) Drop a few drops toward the center, or paint a few lines.
7) Place the lid back on the salad spinner, and have your little helpers spin away.
8) Open the spinner, and see what you have created!  If it isn’t exactly how you want it, you can always add a few more drops of paint.

9) Remove from the salad spinner, and allow the paint to dry completely.
10) After the paint has dried completely, add a small drop of glue on the paper.
11) Press the spider onto the glue.
12) Allow the glue to dry.

Hang it up with your other decorations, and display them proudly for all to see! Happy Halloween!

Caroline of Armelle Blog