I’m back with another Stay at Home Mom Style post. I hope you liked the last one. You know, I’ve been living under a rock to not have noticed the What I Wore Wednesday posts all around the web playing along with The Pleated Poppy blogger Lindsey. She has been inspiring other Stay At Home Moms for a while now, encouraging that we document our efforts to try and get dressed and feel good about ourselves while we’re at it. I’m going to play along with her on Wednesday and link up. I hope you’ll join in too! Lots of people link up on her blog so you can tour what lots of other people are wearing. It’s fun!

October 3rd, What I Wore Wednesday

Trouser Jeans by Kut from Nordstrom (the same as my last style post)
Houndstooth Blouse from Downeast Basics
Steamboat Jacket from Downeast Basics
Wedge Sandals from Aerosoles
Chunky shell bracelet from a local craft fair

All are comfortable — the blouse is a soft jersey knit — and all are machine washable!

Here is what I might have worn before… BORING and who cares:

The vest and t-shirt are comfortable and machine washable as well, but just don’t look as chic or pulled together. I look like I might go gardening or hiking.

The new outfit has the same sort of elements for fall with a chill in the air, without sacrificing a sense of style. Of course, I end up taking off the jacket when I’m hanging around the house to keep things easy. And I’m barefoot once inside too. Just fyi. I need a pedicure by the way.

October 10th, What I Wore Wednesday

This outfit was donned thanks to a hot day. I used to throw on shorts and a random t-shirt, but I’ve found I enjoy the breeziness of a skirt. If it’s long and soft, that’s even better! With all the scooting around with Noah all day, I need the skirt to have length.

This skirt in the photo is from Downeast, as is the fun little short-sleeved sweater. One thing I took a risk on was with matching the colors of the skirt and shirt. I wouldn’t normally choose them together first, but they do coordinate. I like that it’s an unexpected combo. And I also like the unique shapes of the pieces — there’s a definite 1940s thing going on that excites me. All are machine washable, easy, and comfortable. I know most of my clothes lately are from the same place; I just hit the jackpot with Downeast Basics… cute clothes that are unique and inexpensive. Weee!

I’d also like to say, in full disclosure, that this photo was taken specifically for this post. (And yes, I’m sucking in my stomach like a Hoover vacuum again.) I was alone, so I put the camera on our patio table and used the automatic timer feature. I felt like a douche standing there in my yard acting silly, but hey — all in the spirit of sharing, right? I’m a dork, and it’s ok.

October 17th, What I Wore Wednesday

This outfit is casual and fun; great for errands and running around with the kiddos. All fully able to go in the washer/dryer, non-wrinkling, and modest. The navy striped top is from Downeast Basics and the cords are from JCrew. Those boots are several years old; they were motorcycle boots from Banana Republic.

What makes this outfit extra fun is the bright yellow color of the cords. I could have opted for something more plain, but why? They make me feel happy when I wear them and that’s the best part.

Please know that I’m not a style maven. I don’t even tend to notice what people are wearing out and about. I’m too busy picking Paige’s boogers off my shoulder to look around. I simply got sick of feeling tired and frumpy and sloppy and figure I can put in some effort once in a while for my own sanity, you know? It does well to remind myself that I am more than a mother (and a proud grateful mother I am).