What to do with those leftover yarn scaps? Put them to use creating a striped headband! My niece and I have been having some really fun craft sessions lately, and she was in need of a headband to contain her beautiful blonde curls. Those yarn pieces saved the day and took a plain plastic headband to the next level of coolness. One of the best parts about this project is that kids can do it mostly on their own with a little parental help with the glue gun.


Materials: plastic headband, glue gun, yarn pieces, any accessories you’d like to add on top

Step 1: Cut down your pieces to the length you want. You might need to experiment first to get see how thick it will make your stripe. OR, you can do as we did and just cut and be surprised at how chunky the stripes can get.

Step 2: Dab a bit of glue onto the inside of the headband and quickly add the yarn to the glue and press down. To firmly secure the yarn on, add glue to the opposite side too and secure. Continue wrapping until you reach the length you desire.

Step 3: Cut off the yarn on the inside of the headband and secure with a dab of glue.

Step 4: Continue with the next color and secure with glue. Repeat the same process with the next colors varying the size of the stripes. When you get to the end, simply end on the inside of the headband and secure with more glue.

Step 5: If you want to accessorize, now is your time! We added some glue onto an oversized button and then held it firmly for a few seconds on the side of the headband.

And that’s it! It’s so quick and easy and kids will love saying that they made it themselves. You can create different patterns with your selected colors or even keep it just one color.

photography and project by Brittany Watson Jepsen