I’ve been having so much fun dressing up my little ones this fall! It’s finally cool enough to play with layers and experiment with all sorts of looks, so I decided to share how I put my little outfits together. For me, it’s all about layering, mix-matching and having fun! I don’t worry if it doesn’t match perfectly; that’s what makes them stand out and each look unique. Not to mention, accessories are a must this fall — Hats, scarves, head bows or bands –you name it, just play with it!


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For baby boy’s style, I have my basics: jeans, tee and a sweater. I change his look by layering and adding fun accessories He loves hats, so I bought him a basic beanie and a cap. I am really lucky; neither of my little ones try to take off their accessories. I know this isn’t always the case. I also love high tops for boys! We have a couple that we go to often.

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For baby girl’s style, I have her basics as well: leggings, dress, denim top. I have way too much fun with girly stuff! I love to put pants or leggings under dresses! I am totally obsessed with scarves; she looks so sweet in them, and yes, she loves them! I actually just used one of my old ones – it’s not too long so I don’t worry about suffocating her. I have a pair of Converse shoes that I love to to put on her, whether in a dress or leggings. I also have the cutest boots that she wears often. Since her hair is still short and her wild curls are everywhere, I almost always have a cute headband in her hair. For girls, I think it’s fun to think outside the box and have a lot of fun with her wardrobe. I like to have a cross between tomboyish touches with feminine basics!

If you follow my instagram, I’m sure you will see me posting pictures of their outfits all the time! I am so in love with my little ones. I can’t help but share as many pictures as I am allowed. No faces yet, but that’s why I share their cute little styles!