It’s already November, and it’s pretty crazy that for some of us (insert very sad face) fall is close to turning into winter. But before that beautifully mean and cold season pops her head in, I wanted to talk about the IT colors of the fall season, and the easiest way to add a splash of newness to an existing fall closet. I predict most of these colors will be great come 2013 (usually the tones of colors might change or the pairings), and of course they’ll be great to wear into that beautifully mean and cold season, winter.

Oxblood is also referred to as burgundy, or at least they fall under the same color window. But if you are out shopping, OXBLOOD is the name you are going to see as it’s the color of the season. You will find these colors in tops, bottoms, coats, makeup and accessories – whatever your heart desires.  (image source)


Great colors for clothing, but also think Indigo nails and bright tangerine socks or tights! (image source)

For me cobalt can never go out of style. That and teal – they are both so complimentary on most skin tones that they just always look so good. (image source)

Red is timeless, but in this instance I’m talking just a quick shot of red – even better a quick shot of oxblood, like maybe on your lips! (image source)

Camel is a little darker and yellowish then past seasons – a much more flattering color for more skin tones, this is a camel even my pale skin can fall in love with. A pair of camel pants or a coat will get a lot of wear and use, as well as help tone down the rest of your fall colors.  (image source)

Honey gold is like last year’s mustard, only deeper, so you can totally just wear your mustard goods and rock this trend. (image source)

There are a few more colors that are trendy/cool for Fall, but they are much quieter – maybe more in smaller doses.
Grey is always a no brainer, and Kelly Green is forever on my love list.

Which is your favorite color for fall? Also note the major fall colors are popular for all genders and ages!