I’ve always been very serious about baby Stroller’s sleep. We got him on a schedule early, he slept through the night early, and I kept that boy’s arms pinned at his sides in a swaddle ’til he was absolutely for-sure, for-sure ready to ditch it (5.5 months.) So it was a bit of a departure from my “bed is for sleeping” mantra when I peered in on the video monitor, saw him playing and waving a paci around in the air, and decided to toss a few toys in his crib.

I don’t know about most babies, but baby Stroller LOVES having toys in his crib! He has his lovey and pacis, of course, but we also gave him several rattles, teethers, the winkle and random “hard” toys.

(we line the toys and pacis up along the edge every night)


Baby S is a light sleeper and sometimes he’ll wake up in the morning when Mr. Stroller gets up for work, despite having a nice loud white noise machine above his head. Most days when he wakes up early, I’ll peer in on the monitor and see him waving a rattle in the air, testing out pacis and eventually getting cozy with his lovey. He almost always goes back to sleep for another hour or two after playing with his toys for a little while!

And when he wakes up from a nap, he rarely cries; I usually just hear the shaking of a bell as he rings for me, “mummy! I’m up now, mummy!” and waits patiently staring at his bedroom door.

Do you have any toys in your baby’s crib? If so, when did you introduce them? Do they help LO fall back to sleep or at least stay entertained longer so you can grab a quick shower?