The Bee Bloggers have previously collaborated on a Holiday Gift Guide and a #1 Can’t Live Without Baby Product Guide. Now we’re back with a snazzy new feature name and icon because we’re going to be collaborating on many more posts in the future!

Since most sites will probably be quiet over the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought we’d share some of our favorite mommy blogs so you have new sites to discover.  A roundup of links to all the blogs mentioned will be included at the end of this post, and be sure to check back in later today for more Hellobee posts!

Joy’s Hope. Julie is funny and honest and has a good mix of different kinds of posts. Plus, her family’s story of infant loss is so honest and to read and see how far they’ve come is just beautiful.

Gosh… I love so many… but if I had to pick one: Design Mom. Gabrielle is a designer and a Mama, which resonates since I am too! I just love her sense of style and how she writes. And the holiday posts are always filled with ideas and inspirations for me.


I read so many blogs! I guess that Making it Lovely and One More Mushroom are top of my list right now. I love reading blogs of moms who are creative professionals; it’s so inspiring to see how they do it!

Hard to choose, but I think is a great one. I also like

Marriage Confessions: Katie at MC blends practical parenting advice with heartrending posts about marriage, grief, mental health, and motherhood. Honest but always uplifting and never overly styled.

Pacing the Panic Room: Defunct since this summer, but here’s hoping he makes a comeback. Gorgeous photography, wonderful house/DIY photos in between richly emotional writing about the struggles of raising a special needs child and new baby girl. It will make you want to move to Florida. This is the blog that started the story-imposed-over-pregnant-belly pinterest phenomenon. That series of photos is a good place to start.

I enjoy Lovely Design blog the most. Her blog is so sentimental, thoughtful, and chock full of great tips, thoughts, tutorials and ideas. It’s fun to read through all the old posts. She doesn’t have time to post as much anymore but I still love it! I also enjoy Lavender and Limes. She’s also thoughtful, gentle, and inspirational. I read lots of other “famous” mommy blogs like Rockstar Diaries and Nat the Fat Rat.

I really like Adventures in Baby Wearing!

I don’t really think it’s a blog in a traditional sense, but I love Ask Moxie. She has a really great approach toward parenting — realistic, compassionate, etc.

One of my favorites is Bower Power. At its most basic, it’s a home decorating blog, but Katie Bower has a toddler, and just gave birth to a son. Her posts are realistic and heartfelt, and just silly enough.

Another favorite is Beard and Pigtails. I don’t read it every day, but it’s fun to go back and read through the archives. It’s written by a single dad who is raising his now 10 year old daughter. I really enjoy the male perspective. He says stuff like, ” I understand what it’s like to work a full day, then come home and mow the lawn with your toddler strapped to the stroller, wailing from the porch. With the smell of gasoline on your hands, you scoop her up, calm her down and kiss her red cheeks.

My favorite mommy blog is MODG. Her recent post about coming to terms with her impending c-section really struck a chord with me as I think about my own birth experience and what I’d like to do differently if we have more kids. Usually, her posts are hilarious and full of real tips and tricks for things like cloth diapering and shopping on craigslist.

Gus and Lula. I have been following this blog for years and feel like I personally know Britt! Her journey to, through and following adoption is a tear-jerker and an absolutely beautiful story. Her blog is a devotion of love for sure. I love seeing life through her eyes. She also has amazing sense of style, in the way she decorates her home, dresses her children and her poise. I’m a total sucker for adoption stories!

Because we are in the process of adoption, I tend to be drawn to more adoption-oriented blogs: Rage Against the Minivan and Gus and Lula.

Enjoying the Small Things isn’t an adoption blog, but for a tear jerker you can read about Kelle’s journey with baby #2.

I really love Dooce. I love her pictures (especially the ones of Chuck, her dog!) and she is hilarious. Another one I’ve been into these days is Rage Against the Minivan. She is a funny and honest writer, and I love her adoption stories as well (she has two adopted children and two bio children)


My favorite mom blog is Sweet Fine Day.

I relate to Jenna on many levels because we’re both Korean, bloggers, mom to two kids of mixed ethnic backgrounds, we live in Park Slope, run our own businesses, and work from home. Her posts about motherhood, running a creative business and self-reflection are honest and relatable. Her photography is also always stunning.

Adventures in Baby Wearing
Ask Moxie

Beard and Pigtails

Bower Power
Design Mom
Enjoying the Small Things
Gus and Lula
Joy’s Hope
Lavender and Limes
Lovely Design
Making it Lovely
Marriage Confessions
Nat the Fat Rat
One More Mushroom
Pacing the Panic Room
Rage Against the Minivan
Rockstar Diaries
Sweet Fine Day

Now tell us: what’s your favorite mommy blog?