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My Pumping System

…and by pumping system, I don’t mean the lovely Medela Pump In Style Advanced my dear friend has indefinitely loaned me. I mean the complex system I have come up with to make exclusive pumping while being a working mom to two young kids as efficient and non-time-consuming as possible. I am a very system […]

8 weeks

Seeing a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist

As you know, at our 8 week ultrasound we were told that we were having not just one baby but two babies!   As soon as the technician finished up the ultrasound, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist (MFM) came to visit with us about our type of twins (monochorionic/diamniotic) and what the plan would be to […]

Charlie 3 Year Update

Charlie turned 3 years old this month! Since he’s hit all of his big milestones, this will be my last monthly update for him. But I’ll still pop in with Charlie stories when they’re relevant to parenting! A lot of things have actually been happening in his little life lately, from sleep to behavior and […]

The Rat King

Taking a toddler out on the town

I was three when my mom took me to The Nutcracker for the first time.  Reportedly, I behaved very well.  I don’t remember how I acted, but I do remember the wonder and amazement that I felt at seeing the production as a toddler.  I really wanted Little Jacks to have that same feeling, but […]


My Pregnancy Wedding Band

Scribble was born in late August so I got to enjoy all the misery of a summer pregnancy in the deep South. I am fortunate to have easy access to a swimming pool, which was a godsend on those 100-plus degree days, but I did experience a lot of swelling. Around the 30 week mark […]


Joyeuses Fêtes

The Sunglasses would like to wish you and yours happy holidays (a little late, I know) and a happy new year. Sending lots of love, health and anything you desire. And for those who are traveling, safe travels! We are actually snowed in in Montreal; we had over 45 cm of snow! Here’s to a better […]


Try Hot Yoga

Since the new year is right around the corner — literally look right and she’s there — I wanted to share one of my loves. And like the main loves in my life (my husband and kids), this one also totally changed my life for the better. There are no clothing items, color palettes or […]

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