We’ve had a few early season snow storms this year, and my children have been so excited to go outside and play in the snow!

We decided to take a break from our usual snowmen building and try something new, so we filled spray bottles with all sorts of colors and made some stencils to create some pretty pictures in the snow!


You only need a few items, and hopefully you have many of them on hand!

food coloring
exacto knife
stencils printed onto card stock  (if you want something you can use more than once you can print on transparent plastic sheets)
spray bottles

1) Download and print a few shapes here – Heart, Sun, Triangle, Moon, Lightening Bolt, Star onto cardstock or transparent paper.
2) Use the exacto knife on a cutting mat to cut out the black portion (the inside) of the shape.
3) Fill the spray bottles with water.
4) Add several drops of food coloring until it reaches the desired color.  Replace the top and shake it up.

You can do as many colors as you like, and mix to make special colors!

Head outside and let your little ones get to work!

Place the stencil on a nice untouched piece of snow. (We made this name stencil using the Stencil STD font. You can download it free here.)

Spray the snow onto the stencil evenly.

And, there you have it! A fun simple way to make snow play even more fun!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog