post originally written on October 4, 2012 at 21 weeks pregnant

sweet dreams art print found via etsy, $22

Last night I dreamed of our baby… a tiny little baby boy with brown hair. For some reason, I only dream of the baby as a boy.

The first dream I had was of the birth, and it was so easy.  The baby just slipped right out and I said, ”Hey little dude, we did it! Let’s call your dad.” Apparently he was late for the party.

Last night I dreamed I was in my childhood home, taking care of the baby. He spit up on me during a family BBQ. I was chatting with my mom and sister, cleaning up the baby and myself like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like it was something I did every day.

In these dreams, I feel like a mother. I am a mother. They are so vivid, I can clearly see the baby and feel him in my arms, the warmth of a tiny snuggly baby.

Then I wake up, to the baby kicking inside me and my husband's hand resting on my belly. I lie still, so as not to wake him but hoping he might feel the flutters. But he doesn’t, not yet.

It’s early and dark when I wake up, usually before six. So much time to think before the sunrise, time to process the emotions these dreams evoke. I think about how it will feel to hold the baby in my arms for the first time, how it will feel to be someone’s mother, how my internal alarm clock is preparing me for many many early mornings to come.

And as for the baby in my dreams being a boy, I’m not sure if it’s a mother’s intuition or if I’m completely off base… only time will tell.

Did you dream of your baby before they were born? Was your mother's intuition right?