Every year when winter first approaches it is actually sorta exciting, pulling out all the winter gear and wearing it for the first time that year – I admit it’s a little fun.  But it all gets old really really fast, when you have to wear the same coat, boots, etc everyday for like 2-4 months. The opposite of exciting and probably boring times 100, am I right? I call it the winter wardrobe blues!

Every single year I make a plan: I’m going to add a new winter coat and boots to my cold weather repertoire and eventually have like a full winter wardrobe of classics to choose from. It sounds like a great idea, but the reason why it’s been my plan every year is because I have yet to do it! This year, is the year – when winter items start to go on sale (which is soon!) I’m going to buy myself another classic coat and maybe some new classic boots (classic is your best bet, so it won’t go out of style the following year). Then when next winter rolls around I can have a much more exciting winter wardrobe, and hopefully add to it again. In order to make this plan actually happen, I did some window shopping and hunted down a few favorites and I plan to keep my eye on them so I can pounce come sale time. Here are a few of my favorites, mostly out of my price range so a sale or clearance is a must!

No.1 ASOS ($140.72) - No.2 Aritzia ($325) - No.3 Zara ($179) - No.4 Aritzia ($298) - No.5 ASOS ($114.34) - No.6 ASOS ($131.93)

Number 2 and 4 are more dream coats, unless they post a major clearance sale. I also like to stick with colors that hide dirt well, since my kiddos are always full of it. Do you have any favorite winter coats you are drooling over?

No.1 DSW ($69.95) - No.2 Sorel ($140) - No.3 North Face ($180) - No.4 Sorel ($185) - No.5 Timberland ($300) - No.6 Sorel ($250)

I fought winter boots for a long time, which is so silly since nothing beats being warm and cozy, and they have gotten so stylish. I currently have a pair of Sorel's that I have had for 3 years, and I expect they will still be in great condition for a few more, but I would love to add to my winter boot closet. So come on sale season! Do you have a pair of winter boots on your wishlist?

How do you feel about your winter wardrobe? What do you do to fight the winter wardrobe blues?

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