At our house, we are gearing up for the holiday season!  And, that usually means wrapping lots and lots of gifts for our loved ones.  I wanted to be able to involve my children in some way of the gift packaging that they are giving to their family and friends, so we decided to turn some of their artwork into gift tags!

You only need a few items to make some custom gift tags out of your children’s artwork!

1) crayons/ pencils / paint
2) scissors
3) hole punch
4) twine
5) paper punch (optional)
6) paper

Give your child some crayons, pencils or paint and let them do their thing!  Try to have them fill in as much of the white space as possible.  This project also would be a lot of fun with watercolors!

Once they have finished their artwork, you are ready to make it into gift tags!

If you already have a large paper punch, you can use it to punch out your gift tags, then use the hole puncher to punch a hole in the top.

If you don’t have a paper punch, you can cut out your own gift tags with some scissors.  Just cut the paper into rectangles, then trim the top two corners with your scissors, and use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top.

Use your twine to string through the hole at the top of the tag, and tie a knot in the top.  Now they are all ready for your gift wrapping needs!

Have your little one address the gift tag to the recipient (if they can write), and they will be proud to give a little bit of their artwork along with their gifts this holiday season!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog