I have found that my children love creating with the same simple materials I used as a child. From watercolors to play-dough, it doesn’t take much to keep them feeling inspired. As I was brainstorming holiday type crafts to do with my five and three year old, I fell back to some old standby supplies – pipe cleaners and jingle bells. Not only are these materials very inexpensive and readily available, they are easy for little hands to work with. We ended up making a few simple little jingle bell wreath ornaments in no time and they couldn’t have been more pleased with their handiwork.

To get started you’ll need to gather a few supplies:
-Silver tinsel pipe cleaners
-Jingle bells

Begin by having your little one string the jingle bells onto one pipe cleaner. This is a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills! It’s also a nice time to practice counting. Have them count aloud as they add the bells.


We added 14 bells to our ornaments but you can more or less depending on the size you’d like your finished wreath to be. When you have added all of your bells, twist the pipe cleaners to connect them at the top.

Create a bow with a second pipe cleaner.

Attach the bow to the top of the jingle bell wreath by simply twisting the pipe cleaners together. Next, secure the top by twisting as well.

Your children will surely love making this jingle bell wreath ornament to hang on the tree, give as a gift, or attach to a package.