Little Y is 17 months old, and he’s fascinated – dare I say obsessed – with anything that has wheels. And from talking to moms of other toddlers (boys and girls alike) it seems I’m far from alone.

Fortunately, Little Y isn’t particularly picky about his wheels, though some favorites are starting to emerge (for instance, a certain blue train that lives on the island of Sodor). After poking around Amazon during Christmas reconnaissance, I thought I’d share some of the cooler options I found – and a few of our own tried-and-true favorites.

1. VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier – This one pretty thoroughly violates my preference for toys that don’t light up, flash, and/or make a lot of noise. I try to keep my exceptions educational – in theory, anyway! This teaches numbers, colors and animals. Kids can push it or pull it. Oh, and it has volume control. Win.

2. Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator – Little Y has loved pushing this around ever since he was just learning to walk. If anything, I think he loves it even more now that he’s more confident on his feet. The neighbors always smile when they see him coming with his “clacker.” (I’m glad he’s cute – this thing is loud when he gets going!)

3. Educo Switchback Racetrack – Little Y saw one of these in action at a local toy store and was absolutely mesmerized. I’ve held off on getting it because I’m not sure if it would hold lasting appeal, but I’ve got to admit that it definitely has that “wow” factor.

4. Giant Road Kids Play Rug – File this under “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Little Y has plenty of vehicles, but sooner or later he’s going to want roads. Why not roads on a rug? This would be perfect on our wood floors. I love the bright colors, and at nearly 7 feet long, this thing is plenty roomy.

5. B. Wheee-ls – We picked up these durable little cars at Target awhile back. They’re also simple, but I like the gender-neutral colors, and they’re the perfect size for toddler hands. Pull ’em back and watch them zoom across the floor.

6. Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table – I’m all for a classic wooden train table – in fact, I would love to get this one from KidKraft eventually. But for a younger toddler who loves trains but is easily frustrated by intricate pieces and tracks that come apart, I can totally see the beauty in the molded-in tracks and built-in bridges. Put the cover on and it becomes a multipurpose table – crafts, snacks, Legos, whatever!

7. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug – Who wouldn’t want to ride on one of these? These win raves year after year, come in two sizes, and are small enough that they can still be an indoor toy. Choose from a mouse, tiger, ladybug, pig, cow, or – yay – a bee!

8. Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage – If I had my way, all vehicle play sets would look like this – sleek and mod, with classic (but not garish) colors. It’s a little pricey, but it’s also eco-friendly and elegant – wouldn’t it be nice if we could describe more toys like that?

9. Kid O Go Car – Sometimes simplicity is beautiful. There are no flashing lights or sounds here – just cool design. These little cars come in red, green, blue and pink. I’m tempted to get every color because they’re so classic. There are matching trucks, planes, and tugboats, too.

10. Wow Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred Service Vehicle – For many toddlers, there’s nothing more exciting than a big ol’ garbage truck. This one lets them “sort trash” and makes fun sounds but requires no batteries. I also have to say I’m more than a little pleased that the manufacturer included a female recycling worker.

11. Melissa & Doug Stacking Train – Sure, you can build the train properly to look like the picture, but Little Y has just as much fun linking up the wooden bases and pushing them around au naturale.

12. Battat Take A Part Roadster – It’s two toys in one – build it, then race it! I think this would be great for an older toddler or preschooler – perhaps from 3 up.

Does your toddler love all things with wheels? What are your favorite toy picks?