Have you heard the Christmas gift giving philosophy of one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read for kids? Well we focus so much on our little ones, I thought it would be fun to see what the Bee mamas have on their wishlists to want, need, wear, and read!


M R S.  B L U E

Want: I have the Shun Kaji utility knife, and it makes cooking a dream. I would love, love, love to have as many more Shuns as I can get my hands on.

Need: A spa trip, complete with a prenatal massage! That’s right. I said I NEED it. I’m so uncomfy these days, but I recently got a prenatal massage and it was heavenly. My muscles got some much-needed relief and were ready to do their jobs again. Also a pedicure would be fantastic since reaching my tootsies is getting more and more difficult!

Wear: Since my size and shape are all over the place right now, I’m really into scarves and jewelry that fit no matter what I look like. I’m so infatuated with this color-blocked scarf in the Guava Stone color from J. Crew. I melt a little every time I look at it.

Read: I’m not sure if this entirely counts as “read,” but I really want the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs, and I have a special affinity to cookbooks, so I’m jonesing for this like nobody’s business!

M R S.  H I G H  H E E L S

Want: A new Macbook Pro – N spilled some water on the keyboard not too long ago, so now the #7 and enter key doesn’t work on it!… it’s going on 4 years old too, so it’s also getting really slow and glitchy, but we have other computers so we don’t really “need” it right now. The new ones with retina displays look so nice though!

Need: A really long, plush robe I can curl up in. I have a lightweight one that only goes down to my knees, so I always steal my husband’s, which goes down to my ankles!

Wear: I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy, so I’m wearing mostly maternity-wear, practically all from ASOS, and this prenatal support belt that’s been helping me so much as my belly gets increasingly bigger (back pain begone!)

Read: “Divergent,” which I’ve been meaning to get to all year! If you like Dystopian, futuristic fiction then you might find it interesting too (think Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, Brave New World, 1984 type books)

M R S  C O W G I R L

Want: A spa day sounds so heavenly… I’d love a gift certificate to our local Red Door spa. It’s right around the corner, so I can spend the travel time I save on a manicure!

Need: Our crock pot broke late last winter and we haven’t replaced it yet. (Sadness!) Our last model was very basic and small, so I’d love a bigger one with a programmable feature. Imagine the possibilities!

Wear: I’d love a pair of COMFY ballet flats that I can throw on with any outfit, whether we’re running to the store, or going to the park, or going to work. I’ve gone through several pairs of City Flats from the Gap and though they are super comfy, they tear so easily and all three of my pairs now have huge holes on the side. I’ve thought about the Eddie flats from Tory Burch, but I think these Cole Haan flats might be more comfortable. Plus, I love the Maple Sugar color!

Read: Confession: I rarely read parenting books. I think I’ve only read one from cover to cover! Now that Lil’ CB is getting older and we can reason with him, I’d really like to delve into more Love and Logic parenting. I’ve skimmed through sections of Parenting With Love and Logic  and use a lot of the techniques already (both at home and at school), so I think it would be great to have our own copy at home to read through and have on hand as a reference.

M R S.  Y O – Y O

Want: A nice wireless music system for our new house that we can control from our phones. Totally unnecessary, but I guess that’s why it’s a want

Need: A new living room rug! I sold our nice one from West Elm because it was still shedding a few years after being purchased … and the light color wasn’t the best with a toddler on the loose. These colors would be great in our living room, I like the bold stripe, and it’s synthetic (no more shedding)!

Wear: A new trench coat. Sadly, my old one is a little bit small now, not to mention getting a bit dingy. I’m super picky (for instance, i don’t like trenches with belts). This one at Saks would be nice — it’s simple, A-line, and straddles that line between something you can dress up or down:

Read: Hmmm … since I’ll have a new place to set up and decorate soon, probably the Young House Love book! I’ve always admired the way they work with what they have to make things feel pulled together and polished.

M R S.  T R I C Y C L E

Want: I want a new Cusinart food processor. I have my MIL’s hand-me-down from the 1980s. The bowl is cracked and I have to wrap the seam between the top and bowl with paper towels or food sprays all over the kitchen. Technically it still works, but it’s always a disaster waiting to happen. A new one would be so nice!

Need: I need a new white noise machine. I already own a Marpac one, but I packed it for a vacation and then checked my bag. It survived, but now it has the most annoying rattle when it runs – so not relaxing! I want another one and will put my cast off in the baby’s room.

Wear: I am on maternity leave and just bumming around the house most days. Since it’s chilly up north, I wear a sweatshirt daily. I love zip up hoodies because they’re so convenient for nursing, but I only have two in my current rotation.

Read: I’d like the Moms on Call baby care book. I’ve heard great things about the series – especially their methods for getting babies to sleep. I could really use some more sleep.

M R S.  T I C  T A C  T O E

Want: New tile in our kitchen. I’m not going to get it, but I’m hoping Mr. TTT will be able to make this happen before Liam’s first birthday at the end of March. I’d love something like this.

Need: A new camera. I know I’m not getting this because it’s not in the budget, but our camera is not the greatest and I tend to use my iphone to take most pictures, which aren’t the greatest quality. A DSLR would be amazing, but I’d be happy with a good quality PAS.

Wear: New bras! I really need to get fitted and I know Nordstrom is the best place for that, so I’m hoping I get a gift card or some cash so I can pick up something like this.

Read: Since I don’t have much time for pleasure reading (as an English teacher, I do enough reading for work and usually don’t want to spend what leisure time I have reading more), but I would like a good cookbook – maybe something with amazing slow cooker recipes or freezer meals to help me work on avoiding takeout when time is scarce.

M R S.  S U P E R H E R O

Want: I really want a decent wide angle lens to do more lifestyle photography. I can’t afford a Canon 24-70 which I would love, but this Tamron one has excellent reviews:

Need: I need some waterproof boots. It’s a slushy winter and I bought some adorable boots that turned out to be far less waterproof than the sales girl had told me. And red, of course!

Wear: I’ve given up on my wedding band ever fitting again (and I already lost my original ring years ago) so I’m probably getting this one for Christmas. I could get a diamond, but again, red!

Read: I read a lot, but I have trouble treating myself to new art inspiration, and the current volume of Spectrum Fantastic Art is top of my list right now.

M R S.  S K E T C H B O O K 

Want: Enough of these babies to re-do the retaining wall in my backyard and to build a raised bed on my patio! A few big, fat ceramic planters would be great as well.

Need: SAHM mommy clothes. I’m tired of sitting around the house in last year’s snowflake-festooned Christmas pajamas and a t-shirt from a party I attended in college. I need a good collection of basic v-neck tees in bright colors and a few pairs of yoga pants that I can wear around the house or to the store.

Wear: This Lily Bloom purse is perfect for when I don’t have a free hand to tote one. It is so colorful that I can get away with having plain clothes on and still feel cheerfully attired!

Read: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but as the momma to a little boy I suppose I need to go ahead and read The Hobbit or There and Back Again. I avoided it when I was a girl (I was more of a Bronte and Austen type), but I have a feeling that reading this will come in handy once Scribble is old enough to enjoy these stories. I know one family that read it aloud together!

M R S.  P E N

Want: New makeup. I am loving the Origins line as it’s more natural but it works amazingly! I actually have three Origins items on my wish list: tinted moisturizer, all or nothing sheer powder and multi-grain pressed bronzer.

Need: Okay this might not be classified as a need to some, but it is to me! haha! I need this Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens for my camera! I only have the kit lens still and I know my pictures could be infinitely better with a more advanced lens. Now that Cobi is a mover it’s harder to get good shots of him with my basic lens. I love that this one has a lower aperture setting than my current lens.

Wear: A chambray shirt. I see so many adorable outfits paired with chambray. Plus as a nursing mom, I heart button downs! A couple years ago I bought these amazing black ponte pants at Ann Taylor Factor and due to popular demand they continue to be back every year. They are my favorite pants; they are soft and stretchy (I wore them my whole pregnancy!), fit into boots and the most comfortable pant I’ve ever worn. This year I got a second pair in grey. (note: these are not the exact pants I have because I bought mine at the factory store, but they are extremely similar and made of the same material)

Read: Well Fed: Paleo Recipes – I have no paleo cookbooks and I think if I were to find some better recipes it’d be easier for me to stick to eating paleo!

M R S.  H U L A  H O O P

Want: Same as Mrs. Pen!! I’m not-so-secretly wishing Santa would bring me a fancier Nikon lens than the kit one I own.

Need: A GPS like this one, to help me navigate where we just moved to, Land of The Confusing System of Highways, or otherwise known as the DMV (Washington, D.C. area).

Wear: Anything by Monsieur Pamplemousse! I’m Etsy-stalking this piece right now. When I was in the labor and delivery room before having Max, my husband surprised me with a “push present” handmade by the Chicago jewelry designer––a stunning creation of pink moonstone wire-wrapped with 14kgf and a freshwater pearl bezeled in vermaille! Since then, I’ve been a loyal customer of Monsieur Pamplemousse for his unique artistry in metal-working, beading techniques and custom creations, and let’s not forget about the sentimental value!

Read: The author behind the sarcastic and witty blog, People I Want to Punch in the Throat, has a new book out just in times for the holidays! Her blog is such a fun read that I can’t imagine anything less from her first book. The snarky humor might make spending the holidays with your in-laws just a little more bearable… at least, that’s what I’m personally hoping for!

M R S.  P A I N T B R U S H

Want: A private cooking lesson with one of the local Korean chefs. My son can’t get enough of the Korean cuisine, but my repertoire only consists of the most basic of dishes. I can’t seem to master some of the family favorites, and I’d love to!

Need: New running shoes. Mine have pounded way more pavement than they should have. I need to replace them, or my shins and knees will make me pay the price! The shoes that work best for my arch-less feet (and pronating ankles) don’t appeal to the fashionista I’ve got hidden inside, so it hurts to shell out the bucks for them! A gift of them however… well that would be awesome!

Wear: Living in New England, I live in sweaters for a good six months out of the year. I’m trying to improve my “mama wear” a little, but still keep it realistic. I love the classic styling of this sweater, but the sequins make it fun and contemporary. Plus, it’s totally something I could wear to a client meeting too—bonus! Lastly, it’s a “tall size” so I don’t need to worry about the sleeves being to short or a peek-a-boo tummy.

Read: Oh, where to start!? There are over forty books on my wish list right now, but I’m going to choose the most indulgent of them all: Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I love a good dystopian novel, and I keep hearing about this one.

M R S.  M A R K E R S

Want: An amethyst right-hand ring, like this David Yurman. I’ve been wanting a right-hand ring for a while now but wanted it to be meaningful – I think our baby’s birthstone is the perfect sentiment.

Need: A new vacuum! With the baby coming, I want something almost industrial strength to keep dust and dog hair off the floors and couch. I would love this Dyson Animal.

Wear: Winter boots please! I typically switch between my Hunter boots (with fleece liners) for when it’s wet/snowy, and my Uggs when it’s dry, but I’d love a pair of real snow boots to stomp around in. These Sorels would be perfect.

Read: I have two months to finish my list of “before baby” books, which include a few on sleeping and breastfeeding. First up on my list is the Happiest Baby on the Block, which has been recommended by a few friends.

M R S.  H O P S C O T C H

Want: One of the new iPad minis! I currently use the 1st generation iPad and Mr. H has one of the new ones. His is so lightweight and mine, because it’s so old, feels like it weighs a million pounds! I mostly use it as an e-reader but it’s just gotten too heavy to drag to work. The mini would be the perfect size for taking with me wherever I go!

Need: A gym membership! Mr. H and I cancelled our gym membership after I got pregnant and when we bought our house. We absolutely needed to cut back on expenses. But without having a gym to go to I’m not good at making it a priority to work out. We have a fantastic gym that’s a 2-minute walk from our house, and I’ve decided that I absolutely need to become a member!

Wear: I’ve been wanting a really cute shirt dress that can be worn with leggings and is versatile enough for work (on a more casual day) or on the weekends. Bonus points for the fact that this would be easy to wear while nursing!

Read: I’ve just joined a book club and our first book in the lineup is Gone Girl. I’ve never been in a book club before but I love to read, so I’m super exited to read some great books and have the opportunity to socialize with a fun group of ladies!

M R S.  B E E

Want: New cat eye tortoiseshell glasses. The kids are always playing with my glasses and now they’re so stretched out, they fall off my face when I look down! Since I wear glasses so often, I’d love a pair that make a statement. I’d reserve these only for when I go out so my kids can’t get their mitts on them!

Need: A new laptop. I dropped mine while watching Hulu during the marathon nursing sessions when Olive was first born, and now it’s on its last leg. Though I don’t need a laptop day to day, I need one when I travel for work. The ipad doesn’t cut it alas, because I need photoshop. You might think I’d be a mac person, but I actually prefer my pc. My last two Sony Vaios have been very good to me so I’d consider getting another one.

Wear: I never buy clothes for myself so I would love anything from Emerson Fry. The clothes, handbags, shoes… perfection! I’d also love a pair of brown ankle boots like these from Horrigan. Though I “need” a pair of knee-high riding boots, ankle boots probably fit better with my lifestyle and would get more wear. Slouchy, relaxed, and perfectly worn in.

Read: I’d love to read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business because I really get stuck in the way I do certain things, and would love to discover how to break those patterns.


What’s on your holiday want, need, wear and read wishlist?