I remember the day I found Etsy, I had been engaged for about 2 months and was hooked the second I saw this beautiful manifestation of creative talent and pure awesomeness. I spent 5 hours perusing Etsy that day. Of course my obsession was steadfast and when I was pregnant I spent many hours finding quality baby products; I justified my purchases by telling myself I was supporting other mommys and small business owners.

Here is a roundup of my favorite Etsy baby-related shops. It was so difficult narrowing them down because there is a slew of talented designers, crafters and creators. But I was able to choose my 13 favorite, so here they are!


1. Little Hip Squeak – This is probably my favorite shop on all of etsy – that is saying something! Amy designs her own fabric and sends it off to be printed on organic knit jersey cotton from Spoonflower. She then crafts her gorgeous fabric into darling headbands, leggings, swaddling blankets, bedding and knotted baby hats. From bicycles to chevron, mustaches, elephants and more –  her designs are stylish and classic without being too “babyish.”

2. Trafalgarssquare – I cannot get over how absolutely adorable these original watercolors are. They are full of childlike whimsy, adorable animals, beautiful colors and would make an adorable addition to any nursery. The story-telling style art evokes emotion and I become nostalgically imaginative like a child. I love that art can have that effect, and Kit has captured that element in her art and it is a rare thing to be seen.

3. Turn a New Leaf Designs – This shop is for the naturally-minded mamas out there! All of their products are organic and completely hand crafted. I purchased an organic mattress topper that is hand-crafted with 100% wool inside an organic hemp/cotton twill. It is immeasurably soft and I love that I know exactly what my baby is sleeping on. They also hand-create organic sheep’s wool mattresses. Other items in their shop are cloth diapers, nursing pads, toddler duvets and pillows. note: they are closed for the month of December.

4. Imagination Kids – Waldorf/Montessori inspired, this shop features all-natural educational toys. I love the Montessori method and their philosophy of imaginative play – these toys play on that and are colorful and creative. Wooden sushi, push-along toys, play food, stacker puzzles, animals and vehicle toys.

5. Little Sapling Toys – Eco-friendly hand crafted wooden baby toys, this shop plants a tree for every item sold. Their items are finished with natural beeswax. I love the personalized step stool and will have to get it for Cobi whe he’s a little older. Teething toys, blocks, cars, puzzles, rattles, growth charts and even a beautiful rocking horse are products of this talented team.

6. Smiling Tree Toys – There is something timeless and beautiful about hand-crafted wooden toys. The story of how Smiling Tree Toys came to be is just as incredible as the toys in their shop. A husband, wife and baby girl team, their shop is family orientated and full of block sets, cars and trucks, rattles, bowling sets, teething wood toys and puzzles. Nearly all of their items are personalized. All are finished with beeswax – they are as eco-friendly as they come and I love that.

7. Think Pink Boutique – Calling all mamas of baby girls: I cannot say enough how absolutely adorable these headbands, rompers and legwarmers are. Ruffles, feathers, lace, jewels and bows –  what more could a girl want! And as if they’re not cute enough, nearly all bows and headbands are less than $10.

8. Organic Quilt Company – Another beautiful shop for crunchy eco moms: this shop features carefully chosen organic fabrics to create custom baby quilts, blankets, hats, blocks, hooded towels, and burp cloths. You can tell by their pictures how soft and luxurious the fabrics they use are.

9. Ika Bags – I love love love this shop. Ika Bags is stocked with beautifully designed diaper bags that don’t even look like diaper bags. Mostly around $100 they are definitely an investment piece – but for quality and supporting a small business I think it’s worth the price tag. As an added bonus I would say most are neutral enough to double as a dude-diaper-bag as well.

10. Manzanita Kids – I definitely have an affinity for the natural wood toy shops on Etsy-  in fact it was hard to narrow it down to the three that I chose – but they are all incredible. Manzanita Kids adds a little extra something to their products; their creativity teamed with beautiful wood and awe-inspiring talent really brings their toys to life. Wooden castle block sets, carved wooden block sets, and a variety of puzzles, teething toys and more are what make up this shop. With a mind for eco-friendly products, sustainability and local resources, this husband and wife team strive to deliver quality Waldorf-inspired products – and they deliver.

11. Wall Inspired – I love the way vinyl wall decor makes a room come alive and this shop is full of so many adorable and unique designs featuring a treasury of animals, trees, personalized name vinyls, transportation, the alphabet, growth charts and more. I love the variety they offer.

12. Swig Shoppe – A one-stop shop for all your party-supply needs, this shop has it all! Striped paper straws, paper cupcake liners featuring chevron, stripes, dots and more, custom flags and tags, twine, washi tape, party favor bags, and other fun party props and tchotchkes.

13. Petit Collage – Another wood-working shop, this one features more decor style items instead of toys. The detail on these items is truly exquisite, and of course I love all the owl items! I have been wanting to get the owl clock for Baby Squiggle’s room since before he was born. The bookends are full of creativity – each piece is a work of art. Speaking of which, the art printed on wood is beautiful and adds an entirely new element to wall art.

note: this shop is closed for December

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops for moms and kids?