We’re Christians, and our faith is the big reason why Christmas is my favourite holiday (the smaller reasons being, family, food and general sparkliness).  Toddler Girl is nearly three this Christmas and it’s the first year that she really understands what all the fuss is about.  Well, not quite (she can’t quite grasp the fun of Christmas morning until it comes), but she’s picking up on the excitement.  I wanted some fun, age appropriate ways to teach her about the first Christmas this year, and this is what we’ve been doing:

The Truth in the Tinsel

This is a great advent e-book for preschoolers.  Every day you make an ornament and talk about a couple bible verses.  In the end it covers the whole Christmas story.  The crafts looked a bit over her head (as in, I would be doing all the work), so I was really excited to see that there are also a set of printable colouring pages you can buy.  I printed them off with numbers on the back and set them up on our door with a bit of cute washi tape.  Every day we take one down and colour it, then we put it back up with the coloured side facing out.  It only takes a few minutes and I’ve really been enjoying having a little quiet colouring time together every day!


Child Friendly Nativity Scene

I picked up this nativity set by Melissa and Doug and Toddler Girl looooves it.  She’s been playing with it nonstop all month.  It’s sturdy enough that Wonder Baby hasn’t done any real damage (a couple tooth marks…) and I think it will last us for years to come.  I’m planning on putting it away with our decorations, and bringing it out again next December.

The Story of Christmas

This is our favourite Christmas book right now.  It starts with a family having a modern Christmas and then tells the story of the first Christmas, ending with the family again.  I think it helps make the connection with Christmas with the tree and the presents and everything a little clearer.  It’s fairly accurate (other than having the wise men in the stable, which is a pretty standard error), and I like the illustrations (I’m picky).

So that’s what we’ve been doing this month.  It’s so fun sharing Christmas with TG this year, I’m excited to be building our family traditions around my favourite time of year!  Do you guys have any ideas for me?  Any favourite picture books, especially?