First we featured what the Bee mamas have on their want, need, wear, and read wishlists. Now it’s time to share our kiddos’ lists!

M R S.  C H E C K E R S

Want: I think a little dress coat or pea coat would be absolutely adorable (but totally not necessary in Southern California).

Need: Shoes the next size up! Her aunt is buying her these adorable TOMS.

Wear: Jeggings. All the time.

Read: A Christmas Carol by BabyLit


M R S.  Y O Y O

Want: Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike … We just bought a traditional wagon not long ago, but I can’t help but look at this and want it on his behalf!

Need: More socks! The Sock Gnome is alive and well in our house and I feel like I always put socks into the washing machine, but only one makes it out.

Wear: Elbow-patch argyle sweater from Baby Gap (no longer available).

Read: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

M R S.  P E N

Want: This Carolina Craft Table from Pottery Barn. Cobi loves to stand and walk along furniture now, but we’ve noticed he is more interested in playing if he is standing. This table with its short legs is the perfect height for him to play and I love that it would grow with him, as a train table, craft table and eventually even a desk.

Need: Convertible Carseat: I love the Diono Radian carseat because of all the colors available, the versatility regarding child’s age and height and best of all, its sleek design allows it to fit in cars. It’s so sleek, you can fit three Diono carseats next to each other in the backseat!

Wear: Cobi is pretty set for clothes through this winter and spring. Come summer he’ll need a new wardrobe – I love these adorable trouser shorts with braces from Zara- SO cute!

Read: My Especially Busy Box of Books: Charlie and Lola. I love this series so much and I’m excited to see it in a board book version.

M R S.  H I G H  H E E L S

Want: Play kitchen food. She’s had her play kitchen for several months now, and we haven’t gotten her any food for it. She’ll be getting some for Christmas from her aunties though! I really like all Melissa + Doug products, and think this would be a great set for her.

Need: Closed-toe shoes the next size up. She is quickly outgrowing her current size. I decided to get us MATCHING Red Dot Toms – Tiny ones for her, and mama-sized ones for me.

Wear: Leggings – I put her in leggings from Old Navy practically every day. They’re perfect for play and go so well with her sweater dresses! My favorites are the ones with lace-trim.

Read: Goodnight Gorilla. She loves this book so we read it nightly before bed. It doesn’t have a lot of words, but the images and colors are really nice. We like pointing out all the little details together

M R S.  S T R O L L E R

Want: A Learning Tower/Kitchen Helper. Baby Stroller is at my feet and climbing my legs the second I step foot in the kitchen. He wants to see what’s going on at counter level and he wants to see now. I think this throwing back of the head combined with a wail the neighbors can surely hear is my introduction to tantrums! I’ve asked my FIL to make one using these plans for a Christmas gift.

Need: Early walker shoes – Baby Stroller is getting steadier and steadier on his feet and I expect his first steps will come any day now. Along those lines he also needs someone to brave the mall with him to have his feet measured.

Wear: Baby S is wearing fleece PJ’s and a fleece sleep sack every night in our chilly house. Hannah Andersson has the cutest PJ’s, but we stick with the more budget-friendly Carter’s PJ’s.

Reads: Any and all books about Maine. We’ve read One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal a gazillion times. Baby S is very into “reading” his board books by himself right now too.

M R S.  C O W G I R L

Want: more train accessories, specifically a roundhouse. I have absolutely ZERO desire to spend a hundred bucks on a toy train roundhouse, especially since I don’t know how much longer this train obsession will last! Lil’ CB’s grandparents will probably buy him a few small train accessories and trains, but he *is* getting this rescue center from us and I’m pretty sure he’ll go bananas over it! (Can you tell I’m trying to steer him away from trains??)

Need: Boots! Lil’ CB is about to grow out of his froggy rain boots, so I’d love him to have a pair of boots that he can wear in the winter and through rainy days in the spring. Like these!

Wear: Lil’ CB could use some thicker long sleeve shirts for school like these or these from Old Navy and Gap. But as far as stuff *I* want for him to wear, I’d love these jeans with braces from Zara and this totally cute checkered hipster shirt.

Read: The new Elephant and Piggie book Let’s Go for a Drive and The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! both by Mo Willems. We just cannot get enough of him!

M R S.  T I C  T A C  T O E

Want: ball pit – I know Liam would love to play in one of these, but I’m planning on filling a kiddie pool with balls for his first birthday party, so I think we’ll hold off a few months on this one.

Need: fleece sleep sacks – I ordered some of these from a discount site, but I received the wrong sizes and now they’re sold out, so I need to pick up some from the store for the cooler nights.

Wear: bright sweater – Liam has more than enough clothes, but I love buying him cute outfits to wear. This sweater from h&m is affordable and adorable.

Read: Twas the Night Before Christmas – He also has plenty of books, but I want to get him (me?) a copy of this holiday classic to open on Christmas Eve.

M R S.  S K E T C H B O O K

Want:  The only Christmas gift we’ve gotten him thus far is this set of blocks. I remember stepping on wooden blocks when I was a kid so I like that they are squishy! The colors are nice too.

Need: We need a rug for our living room so that Scribble can roll around. He is growing too big for his tummy time mat! I love this one.

Wear: Sleep and plays rule the roost around here. At three months Scribs still balks when we put anything over his head, so we gravitate to clothes that snap. The footed variety ensures that we won’t be keeping up with baby socks on cold days! Here’s our current fave.

Read: He’s still a little too small to get into books, but I would like a book of baby food recipes. Maybe this one if we go the puree route or this one if we go the BLW route.

M R S.  J A C K S

Want: LJ wants a telescope so that she can better see the stars and the moon. She won’t be getting one this Christmas, but maybe next year!

Need: A downstairs toy box. We have toys starting to creep out into our dining room and it’s time to corral them!

Wear: Both girls look adorable in dresses, but we don’t have a lot of winter fare. We have a couple long sleeved Violet and Moss dresses and Twirls and Twigs dresses, otherwise I find myself having to layer summer dresses with long sleeved shirts and tights or leggings underneath. We don’t shy away because both girls have so many cute dresses that we want them to get 4 season use from. We know how to make my Zulily addiction cost-effective! (Tea Collection)

Read: Jack Jack is finally getting into books, so anything by Eric Carle and Leo Lionni are current favorites. LJ is starting to have a larger attention span so we’ve been reading Robin Hood, Little House on the Prairie and Sherlock Holmes.

M R S.  S U P E R H E R O – W O N D E R  B A B Y

Wants: Bath toys. I just found mold in ours (eeew!) I like Boon’s bath toys because they’re adorable but don’t look like they would grow things inside.

Needs: Better mitts. I love these by Stonz, they are amazing for staying on (we have boots already in this style).

Wears: She needs a birthday dress soon (can you believe it?) If this one from Tea Collection comes on sale I might have to get it!

Reads: As if we didn’t have enough Sandra Boynton in this house (8 already, I think)… I picked Wonder Baby up The Going to Bed Book. I just find her books easy and fun to read, and short enough for a tiny person’s tiny attention span.

M R S.  S U P E R H E R O – T O D D L E R  G I R L

Want: She loooves anything to do with animals and is just starting to understand puzzles, so I bet she’d have a lot of fun with this animal matching game.

Need: Hair clips! I think there’s a hair clip stealing gremlin living around her somewhere. Or maybe the cat eats them. Anyway, with two girls with crazy hair, we go through a lot of hair accessories. I love these.

Wear: Coat: TG has a good winter coat, but I wish she had a cute one to wear with dresses as well (Church etc).

Read: She’s getting Little Hoot for Christmas. Little Pea is a big hit around here and she loves owls so it seems like a great choice!

M R S. J U M P  R O P E

Want: We’ve been talking about getting her a LeapPad, though it seems a bit out of her age range. She’s great at using the iPad on her own though, and we want something safer and more kid-friendly that she can play with on her own. The only thing that’s stopping us from buying it is the worry that she isn’t old enough to “get” it just yet.

Need: A snowbib, so we can play outside in the snow!!

Wear: Chloe just had a growth spurt, and now she needs new sets of clothes in the next size up.

Read: Ditto Mrs. SuperHero — we have lots of Sandra Boynton books in our house!! She’s really into pop-up books right now, so we picked up a few for her for Christmas.

M R S. H U L A H O O P

Want: Musical instruments like this one. From the time he was just seven days old and bobbing his sleep head to my Pandora station, I could see that Max has had a knack for rhythm. Now at 14 months, he continues to show musical tendencies, whether it be tapping his blocks together to the beat of the music or clapping his hands. This band-in-a-box set has been wish-listed!

Need: New sleepwear like this one. Max is quickly outgrowing everything! This became rather apparent when we had to cut foot holes out of his onesie! This has been clicked to my cart, stat!

Wear: A sweet, little knit sweater for the holidays, and with leather elbow patches, to boot!! *love*

Read: Baby Einstein Discover-and-Play books. I’ve discovered a secret! I can distract Max long enough on the changing table with a push and play type of book like this one!

M R S.  B E E – C H A R L I E

Want: We recently gifted this play market and a bunch of play food to Charlie’s daycare, and the kids are absolutely bananas over it. If we had the space, I would love to have one at home as I can see years and years of play, especially once Olive is a little bit older.

Need: Charlie’s bento box is too small so I’ve been packing 2 bento boxes every day. I need something with a lot of compartments like the Laptop Lunchbox!

Wear: I’m kind of obsessed with Charlie’s clothes lately. Now that he’s a little older, there are so many options! He honestly has more than enough to wear, but Charlie loves hooded sweaters with a pocket in the front because he can put his hands or acorns in the pocket. I love this one from Aven Clothing (that’s currently sold out) as a layering piece. I’m also loving the brand Scotch Shrunk. Their hoodie sweaters like this striped one and this ecru one have high necks to keep necks and ears warm — great for kiddos who don’t like wearing scarves!

Read: We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson’s books. We already own 5, but we have to get him Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book!

M R S.  B E E – O L I V E

Want: Olive would love to have a slide! She loves the slide at the playground and at Charlie’s daycare. It never fails to make her smile.

Need: A warm winter hat. Annie Larson makes adorable custom hats!

Wear: Stars are having a moment and I love them on everything for little girls. Olive has lots of tights so she needs more skirts to wear them with! This one from Noe and Zoe is as sweet as can be.

Read: Olive loves her texture and lift the flap books. Tails by Matthew Van Fleet is her all time favorite. We also own Dog by the same author, but I’d love to add Alphabet to our collection!


Just for fun… what would your little want, need, wear and read?