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Mom-Friendly Bathing Suits

Mom-Friendly Bathing Suits

The Hellobee boards inspired this post! Last summer I was on the prowl for a postpartum friendly suit that would hide the extra 20 lbs I was still carrying 4 months postpartum. It was a really emotional process. I knew I wanted a one piece, something that had ruching and was cute. This year I’m [...]

NurtureShock: Infant Language Development

There have been a lot of theories surrounding babies’ early language development and why some children seem much quicker to pick up words than others. Much has crystallized into this prevailing advice: The more you talk to your baby, the more words she hears, and the more words she will eventually know. In other words, [...]


From Baby to Big Brother

In what is most likely an exercise in futility, I occasionally write letters to Owen (and Eloise, as soon as I get my act together), in the hopes that it can capture what is happening in his world at the time.   Dear Owie, A few months ago, we were at the pediatrician for your [...]


A Tea for Two: A Shower for the Babies Blue

A couple weekends ago, two sweet friends threw the cutest baby shower for the Babies Blue.  The theme was “A Tea for Two: Baby Boys, that is!” The hostesses planned the most adorable tea, complete with scones, tea sandwiches, several choices of tea, and lots of other yummy treats.  They used the empty tea canisters [...]

fish valentine 1

School Valentine

This is a guest post from Julie of Duet Letterpress. ~~~ I just put together these easy peasy Valentines for my daughter Em to hand out at school this year. I love how they turned out and wanted to share them with you too!


The Trikester: Two Month Update

Comparing these two photos is an accurate indicator of the differences between month one and month two. Oh man, month one was rough! I was too stressed to worry about even properly focusing my camera!


A warm winter treat

We’ve had a lot of snow and cold weather this year.  The weather had me craving one of my favorite comfort foods—wonton soup.  I originally learned the craft from the family of someone I dated, but I hadn’t done it in a while.  I used chef Google to help me combine the best recipes I [...]

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