The weekend after Thanksgiving, we were showered with love and presents for our little one by friends, family and loved ones. My two aunts (my mom’s sister and my dad’s sister) joined forces to put together the most lovely afternoon – and the theme: GIRAFFES!

The theme was integrated into every aspect of the shower. It was so cute and almost all of it was homemade! My aunt made these diaper cake centerpieces and adorned them with Sophies, wubbanubs, handpainted wooden giraffes, and lots of mini baby toiletries.


The effort put into the tiniest details completely blew me away. Pictured below, left, my aunt painted this modern giraffe art piece for our baby’s nursery! On the right, you’ll see a little book titled “Wishes for Baby,” tied up with a teal ribbon. Each shower attendee filled out a card that included a list of wishes like “I hope you learn…”; “I hope you grow…”; “I hope you love…”; and everyone filled in their answers, which are now bound together for me to keep. I cherish it!

Another special touch that I loved was that in lieu of a card, everyone was asked to bring a book to help build our baby’s library. We now have over 50 books that I can’t wait to read to our little one! Most people wrote an inscription on the inside cover so we’ll know who each book is from, and I’ll be sure to tell Baby Markers that they received the book from someone who loves them very much.

It was truly a fantastic afternoon – and we received so many wonderful gifts! Our carseat, BOB stroller, a swing, tons of bottles… among so many other generous gifts. Because we’re Team Green, we didn’t receive a lot of clothes but instead got most of the gear we need. We feel so lucky!

What special details were incorporated at your baby shower? Was it everything you anticipated?