I really wanted to put a post together with affordable workout clothes, but I think I was kidding myself thinking the words affordable and workout actually went together.  So I went with a mix of places to buy stylish and quality semi-affordable active clothes, since the properties (pulling sweat away, etc) that make for great workout clothes push price tags up. Also I made sure to include a mix of clothes that are great to wear to and from the gym or just lounging at home – since you shouldn’t feel pressured to jump on the workout train just because it’s the new year.
Splits 59
: a great mix of funky and basic work out clothes.

Aerie: Great everyday loungewear or for light cardio.

Zobha: This is a new to me store, but it’s stocked full with fun colors and great styles.

Lululemon: My favorite, and probably yours – they really make some amazing workout and lounging clothes.

Adidas: They have a great mix of funky, basic and even some great affordable pieces.

Free People: I love the trendy simple take on workout clothes, though some of them might be better suited for to and from the gym.

The Gap: All around really great, and sometimes pretty great on the affordable scale as well.

Aritzia: Great lounge/relaxing clothes and on sale their workout pants are a steal!

Target: I wish I could shop here — so many great items and of course they top the affordable scale.

Of course we also have Old Navy, Nike, Nordstrom, and Lole. EDIT: Just as this posted I found Solow, and my wishlist might be a mile long from them.

Do you have a favorite place to buy active wear? Or maybe know a great place to get affordable workout clothes?


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