I don’t do resolutions because in general it involves failure, which is not something I cope with very well. But this year this resolution seemed particularly fitting, and quite needed. Since becoming a mother 10 months ago it has become too common for me to not shower for 3-4 days at a time {please tell me I’m not the only one here!}, lounge around in sweats, and skip my makeup routine. As a result I usually feel very sluggish and unmotivated. Although Mr. Pen hasn’t mentioned my severe lack of self-care, I am sure he misses the days I beautified myself for him! I’ve become so desperately lax that I will even go to the grocery store with my messy hair in an {unattractive} bun, no makeup, sweats and a sweatshirt. It is dismal and something I never would have done before motherhood.

The only times I really dress up per se is special events like social engagements {which aren’t even monthly}, holidays, and church.

My resolution involves taking care of myself. Not just showering at least every other day – but maybe some makeup a couple times a week and getting dressed every day. I resolve to carve out time for myself – and Hellobee will be my guinea pig. For the next month, I hope to compile a “mommy style” post featuring the care and keeping of myself, pictures of practical {and cute} mommy style and journaling how it affects my mood and motivation.

Even if some days involve just a pair of jeans and old t-shirt – it will be so much better than what I have been doing. I am really excited for this – as comical as it sounds – because it involves doing more with my days than simply caring for a baby. As wonderful as it is being a mother and doing things for my precious son, sometimes my days feel so unfulfilled. I wonder how much my dismissal of personal care reflects those feelings and attitudes.

On my list for January/February:


  • Get a hair cut… and possibly even a hair color
  • Shower every other day
  • Do my makeup at least 2x a week
  • Capture “Mommy Style” pictures 2-3x a week
  • Get dressed every day – even just jeans and a tee. No pajama days except under extenuating circumstances {illnesses, i.e.}
  • Do a home mani/pedi
  • Make a DIY beauty product – doesn’t matter what it is!

I hope this is a resolution I can keep up with – and each month I want to indulge in one special treat. Those things might look like this:

January: Get a hair cut/color
February: Schedule a ladies’ night out and get dressed up!
March: Book a massage
April: Do a home manicure and pedicure – or if it’s in the budget – indulge and go get one!
May: Buy something fun like a bright scarf for summer or colorful sandals
June: Get a facial or do one at home
July: Hair cut again!
August: Go to the beach sans baby with a girlfriend and just lay in the sun doing absolutely nothing!
September: Schedule a date night with Mr. Pen and go somewhere fun like a play, the orchestra, or even the shooting range!
October: Take a local class – pilates, yoga, pottery, art, photography etc
November: Go out to lunch with a friend
December: Bake a yummy, healthy treat!

These aren’t necessarily the ones I’ve chosen as budget and time will determine many of them – and I’m hoping I get creative as I think upon this idea more! But I think that in general these few little indulgences will help me so much, if only to feel more like a human.

How do you prioritize time for yourself?