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Hello hive. I am so excited to be joining the Hellobee community as a blogger.  I am looking forward to sharing some of my parenting journeys with you.

Mr. Train and I have been married for almost seven years now, and parents for a little over four.

Family of six photo by True Religion Photograph


We met while we were in college in San Diego.  We were friends for almost five years before we started dating.  It was a little scandalous since my friend was his ex. Yikes!  We dated for two and a half years before getting married.  Now we have moved back to my hometown in the San Fernando Valley where I taught Biology in the Los Angeles School District and Mr. Train is a computer programmer.

On our wedding day in San Diego; photo by Vivid Memories

We decided to try to have a baby right after getting married but we had no luck. I was diagnosed with PCOS and tried several months of fertility treatments.  When that failed we moved on to adoption.  Our oldest son James was born in November of 2008.  He joined our family through domestic infant adoption.  Several weeks later I found out I was pregnant with twins.  After a rocky high risk pregnancy, I had two more beautiful boys, Nick and Joe, in July of 2009.  As if three boys weren’t enough to make me go completely nuts, we decided to go for one more.  My lovely daughter Lilly was born in October of 2011. I have given up my career to be a SAHM and I couldn’t be happier about it. I know we are crazy but it’s our life and I love it.

I love to do art projects and science experiments with my kids and we are all about getting messy. We are huge Disneyland fans and try to go about once a month. I love to take my kids out on adventures to teach them about the world around them.  I can also share some of my experiences with twins and how to manage more kids than you have hands!

Lastly, why did I pick Mrs. Train? I loved all the art supplies but I just couldn’t help it; I kept looking back at the train. I am surrounded by boys who love trains and they are quickly showing their sister the way of the choo choo. In my short four years of motherhood I have become an expert wooden railway engineer and can build a giant city of train tracks.   Also a big long train seems very fitting for my slightly larger than the normal family.

Mother daughter time; photo by True Religion Photography

Again I can’t wait to share some of my parenting adventures with you.