Valentine's Day is pumping its heart our way, after the sadness Christmas left behind (because we all had such a great time and miss it). Another holiday, even a small one is just what we need. So why not make a big-ish deal about Valentine's Day, not in the buy all the chocolate and candy, go on an expensive date night way, but in a handmade gift, decorate the house a little and even get dressed to celebrate the day sorta way. I know my kids love the hype of the holidays, so this year I plan to try my best to add extra hype to most every holiday. Valentine's Day is a good holiday to start with, picking something special to wear for the day is part of the fun (with Christmas it's PJ's in our house).

Here are some cute Valentine's Day items I am looking at for my own kids. They're things that they can continue to wear the rest of the year as well.

No.1 Old Navy  -  No.2 Old Navy  -  No.3 Zara  -  No.4 Osh Kosh  -  No.5 Old Navy  -  No.6 H&M  -  No.7 CrewCuts  No.8 Crewcuts  -  N0.9 The Gap  -  No.10 The Gap  -  No.11 The Gap  -  No.12 Old Navy

Do you have a fun Valentine's Day tradition? Do you plan to dress your little one for the day?