If you have a toddler, then they have probably emptied out your tissue box or wipes case a time or two.  I know my toddler loves to pull things out of little boxes, and put them back in!  In fact, he emptied a wipes container just today!  So, to keep his little hands off the real wipes, I decided to make him a “fake” box of wipes using an old wipe container and fabric scraps!  It is simple to make, and you probably have all the supplies on hand.


You’ll need to gather a few supplies:
1) Fabric scraps
2) Thread
3) Scissors (I used my pinking shears so that the zig zag edge will prevent fraying)
4) Empty diaper wipes case
5) Sewing machine

 Cut up some of your fabric scraps into the size piece you prefer.

Sew your fabric scraps together one by one with a straight stitch.

Place the sewn together pieces into the wipe box, and let your little one go to town pulling out as many as he wants!

I made several different sizes of scrapes sewn together, so that your little one can pull lots of different scraps out of the box!

They will want to do it again, and again!

Just stuff them back into the box, and let them at it!  Hopefully this will keep them entertained for a while, and keep them out of your real wipe stash!

By Caroline of Armelle Blog