We didn’t finish the nursery in time for the Trikester’s arrival. Not a big deal, seeing as how he only started sleeping in his crib this week. It probably would still be unfinished if Mama Tricycle hadn’t spent a whole day helping me organize (thanks, Mom!).  There are lots of little details I’d like to add to the space, but for now it’s “good enough.”

We set out to create a gender neutral space that was sunny, happy and not too “babyish.” We thought we’d made a huge mistake when the first few coats of paint went on the walls (my sister-in-law described it as Kraft mac and cheese), but we’re in love with the color now (I think it feels like an orange creamsicle). We didn’t have a theme, other than embracing nature, and wanting it to reflect a modern sensibility. I think we accomplished most of what we set out to do, though I would have liked a more contemporary bookcase and dresser, and different flooring (the budget and pregnancy got in the way).

The starting point for our nursery was this gray Stressless chair that Mr. Tricycle picked out. It’s a really comfortable recliner, but it doesn’t work very well for nursing because the arms are too low. Next time I’d get a glider. The bookcase is from Target (Carson 5 shelf), and the crib is from Walmart (Baby Mod Olivia). The chest side table is cedar-lined and belonged to my grandma. Mama Tricycle is a fiber artist, so she’s responsible for the fantastic tree art (it’s all done in wool), and the bird prints are from this Charley Harper book. Can you spot Mr. Tricycle’s contribution to the space (hint – check out the bookcase)?

I made the mobile that hangs above the Trikester’s crib by felting balls out of wool. I’m working on a tutorial for this one. The baby is surprisingly fascinated by it!

MIL Tricycle found the great child-sized coat rack which Mr. Tricycle refinished. It’s not super stylish, but we mounted our video monitor using velcro on top of the rack (it works great!). Mama Tricycle made the growth chart, and all our shower guests signed it. The wet bag for our diapers hangs on the back of the door by our changing station.

My biggest frustration was finding a dresser. I wanted a long one that would double as a changing table, and I wanted it to be solid wood and modern (and under $400). I was totally planning on copying the YHL dresser in Clara’s room, but I was banned from sanding and staining and Mr. Tricycle just didn’t have time. So we ended up with this cheap Child Craft dresser – the dimensions are right, but it’s all pressed wood and not modern. We were going to switch out the hardware, but the pulls aren’t a standard size. I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love, either. The bird prints are from the Charley Harper book, and the shelves are Pottery Barn (Holman 2′). I keep cloth diapers and inserts in the green bin, and use the dog box to the left as a hamper.

Here’s a wide shot of the room so you can see the layout. Our backyard is full of trees, so the big window makes it feel like you’re in a tree house, especially in the summer. Check out the art popped up against the window – brother Tricycle’s sweet girlfriend made it for us.  I sewed the curtains, which I lined with blackout fabric. All the prints we used in the nursery are from Michael Miller’s Backyard Baby line.

Are you 100% happy with your  nursery or are there things you’d differently if you had an unlimited budget?