I can’t believe it, but I’ve actually closed the door on the second trimester and moved into the third!  My third trimester won’t be quite as long.  The doctors have said that 36-37 weeks is their line in the sand for how long they will let me go.  That means in seven to eight weeks I’m going to be a mommy to two precious little bundles!  I can’t wait to get my hands on them and have a snugglefest!

After my shower at 28 weeks.

How far along?:  29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Well, hello, 26 pounds!  After not gaining anything for the first 15 weeks, I’ve definitely made up for it now.  I’m hoping to keep my total weight gain under 35-40 lbs.  To do so, my ice cream and/or cake habit will have to be curtailed.

The Baby Bump:  It should really be called the Baby Mountain at this point!  I’m measuring 36 weeks, and everyone who sees me gives me really sympathetic looks while they simultaneously hope my water doesn’t break on their shoes.  They only appear marginally reassured when I tell them I have a “few more weeks” to go.

Maternity Clothes:  I am so glad I set rules about only buying very stretchy materials and erring on the side of purchasing larger sizes!  My maternity shirts especially are starting to just barely cover the entire panel of my pants.  

Gender:  Boys!   I am so excited about my little men and all the sweater vests and jackets with elbow pads that are in their future.  I went through a time that I really struggled with being able to picture myself as being a mom to boys, but now I am thrilled and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I’m looking forward to:  (1)  I can’t wait to see their faces and hold them close to me.  We have ultrasound photos that I get to see, but it’s just not the same as seeing what they will really look like when they are here.  (2) Not being pregnant.  Honestly, this whole twin pregnancy thing is tough.  I’m basically big enough to be in the “I’m so miserable, I just want them out” stage, except I can’t hope that they will be born any day like someone who is actually term. 

Worst Moments:  I’ve had some scares with high blood pressure and contractions that have been really stressful.  I think more than any single moment, the hardest part is just the physical and emotional exhaustion.  It is all I can do to get through my work day, and when I get home, I eat dinner and immediately get into a hot bath because that’s the best way I’ve found to ease the discomfort and keep my body going.  Mr. Blue has just learned that if he wants to chat with me in the evening, he has to just come sit in the bathroom while I try to soak away my troubles!  This is coming from a shower only girl; my how pregnancy changes your views on things.

Best Moments: Christmas was so fun this year.  We went to Santa Fe, NM with Mr. Blue’s family, and it was awesome to have one last trip to enjoy before being banned from traveling more than a couple hours away from home.  We spent a lot of time talking and dreaming about what our next Christmas will look like with a couple of nine-month olds.  I was also thrilled to hit 28 weeks!  That felt huge to me because I knew that was another big marker in how they would do if they’re born early.  I had a shower with some friends from work that was so cute and just perfect.  Last, we’ve been working on our nursery finally!  I’m so excited to eventually share all we’ve been doing.  It was a trimester of lots of “best” moments!

At the lookout point where we got engaged.  This is what engagement leads to, people!  

Missing anything:  Sushi and wine and sleeping and sushi and wine and Advil and . . . have I mentioned sushi and wine?  If I could have some of that wine, I’d probably sleep better and not need the Advil!  I’m also getting fairly tired of my maternity clothes and going in my closet makes me sad since I can’t wear 90% of what’s in there.  I’ll be glad to get back into some of my non-maternity favorites.

Symptoms:  Generally, just a lot of discomfort and exhaustion.  I’ve had a little bit of the first trimester nausea return, though definitely nothing as severe.  Heartburn and headaches are also frequent companions.  

Sleep:  Sleep is challenging.  I definitely need my pregnancy pillow at this point and if it moves in my sleep, I wake up because it makes my belly hurt. 

Movement:  The boys move sporadically.  It seems like one will move a lot one day, and I might not really feel the other one.  Then, the next day, it might be the other one that moves more and the first one is quieter.  I think they’ve worked out a schedule.  I do love feeling them move; it always does my heart good, even when I’m simultaneously getting kicked in the bladder and the ribs!

Baby Positions:  Like with a singleton, baby position is a big deal for how I can deliver.  If Baby A is head down and there are no other complications, they will let me try for a vaginal delivery regardless of how Baby B is positioned.  The whole pregnancy, Baby A has been head down and Baby B has been breech.  They were being such dutiful babies and staying in appropriate positions.  Then, last week they decided to teach me not to make plans because they both flip-flopped: A is now breech and B is head down.  Now, I’m hoping Baby A will turn again before it’s time for delivery so I can try for a regular delivery.

Baby Sizes:  In the words of my OB, “Them are some BIG babies you have in there!”  They are both measuring right at or ahead of where a singleton baby would weigh at their gestational age.  Right now, I have over 6 lbs of baby in me, and I’m just starting the third trimester!

Nursery progress:  The nursery is making progress in leaps and bounds this week, thanks in huge part to Mr. Blue and my mom, both of whom might have been fueled by a few of my need-to-nest meltdowns about how stressed.  We are doing lots of projects, and I’m so excited to see how it all turns out.  The room is tiny, so hopefully I’ll learn some tips to share with those of you who don’t have a big space either.

First paint on the nursery walls.

Milestones:  Third trimester!  Also, I passed my one-hour glucose test, which was a big relief.  The boys are both over 3 lbs and are still showing no signs of TTTS or any complications.

Goals for the next few weeks:

  • Make it to 32 weeks (and then move on to shooting for 36 weeks).
  • Finish the nursery.
  • Buy all the remaining practical things our guys will need.
  • Install car seats and get them inspected.
  • Finish taking various classes at our hospital.
  • Buy baby books.
  • Interview pediatricians and choose one.
  • Think of something nice to do for Mr. Blue.  He’s been such a trooper and has really taken amazing care of the boys and me.

My caregiver-He’s the best!

What was your best and worst part of your second trimester?